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Kraoma Review: A Complete Guide

An introduction to Kraoma

Soon after making up your mind on buying kratom, some questions are bound to crawl up on your mind. This includes whether the vendor is reliable, how to check the quality of the strains, and many more. The reputation of the vendor including their legality of business is a matter of deep concern.

Kraoma Kratom is a vendor that sells genuine quality kratom strains and claims to pick up only from the regions where kratom trees are found in plenty. Moreover, all the products are lab tested, which ensures the strains are free from additives, or fillers. Here is a detailed Kraoma review that will help you to know more about the vendor.

Kraoma: An overview

The Kraoma Kratom started its operation in 2014. Back then, other vendors used to sell kratom at heavy prices, and the quality was below standards. Keeping this in mind, this vendor decided to sell high-quality kratom strains to the consumers at an affordable price. Their goal is to make the users satisfied so that they will buy regularly from this supplier.

The main intention behind the formation of this company was to stand aside from other kratom vendors and to provide the users with premium quality strains, without making heaps of profits. They started way back in 2014, in Nevada. The company is specialized in kratom strains and produces one of the finest products in the market.

The real challenge of the company was to provide the consumers with high-grade kratom just like the top vendors but at low rates. Prior to starting the business, Kraoma Kratom knew that many vendors are using the middlemen to access kratom. They further discovered that the middlemen are responsible for not getting the right quality in the strains, and the cost of the products is also higher.

Hence, they decided to work on with themselves by connecting with the sources directly, which was a bit difficult though. However, they somehow managed to sort out reliable harvesters, and farmers after dealing with many sources and wasting a considerable amount of money.

The vendor is now importing kratom strains from the reliable growers of Indonesia, and at times from Malaysia too. The farmers and harvesters are experienced in their field, and they have been cultivating for ages. They take due care on ensuring that the kratom leaves are of the highest quality.

What are the products that are found in Kraoma Kratom?

As mentioned earlier, Kraoma Kratom is a reliable vendor who is famous for selling organic premium kratom strains. When you will buy from this vendor, you will get a collection of white, red, green, and yellow kratom strains. His vendor has gathered lots of specialization in selling the best quality of kratom.

As of now, the vendor sells about 22 different kinds of kratom variants, which is a good number and has all the popular strains in their store. Some of the products include Red Maeng Da, Yellow Bali, Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Green Horn, Red Thai, Red Borneo, Red Brunei, Classic Bali, White Bali, White Borneo, Green Malay, and many more.

Their immense collection of kratom variants has attracted lots of attention, and many people are buying from them. Another interesting thing about this vendor is the giving away of special names to every kratom strain, which indicates certain things about the particular product.

For instance, the White Maeng Da is named as active Kraoma, which means after using this strain, you will feel more active. The vendor has also mentioned about their best selling products, which is termed as Kraoma Favorites, and place under the ‘Buy Kratom’ section. Another specialty of this vendor is availing free samples for everyone who wants to check the quality.

What is their quality of products?

Since its inception, the company has been on its mission to bring only the finest kratom strains, and supply them to the consumers. This type of reputation has helped Kraoma Kratom to become one of the best vendors in the world. The vendor sources only the cleanest and high-quality kratom directly from the sourced location.

For ensuring great quality, the vendor maintains regular contact with the farmers and the harvesters. The fresh and mature kratom leaves are picked and then grounded to a fine powder. Not only is this, but to further preserve the purity, each batch is tested through certain labs in the US.

When every shipment arrives at the company, they are tested individually for purity, as well as for any kind of contamination. Whenever they find any issue regarding the purity of the strains in some batches, they contact the people from where it was sourced.

Kraoma Kratom has shared the lab test results for its products on its official website. They ensure that all their products are free from viruses, salmonella, yeast, mold, and so on. The vendor doesn’t include any contaminated products in their stock. Kraoma Kratom is very strict about the quality and puts great efforts to bring good products to its consumers.

Are their products affordable or expensive?

As stated earlier, the company believes in providing high-grade strains without costing much, and that’s true. The prices greatly depend on the quality of products, and when you buy from this vendor, you get amazing quality. For different kinds of packages, there are separate prices.

The vendor provides good quality kratom at competitive prices. When you would buy 60 grams of strain, it would cost between $14.99 and $19.99, which is amazing both for the quantity and quality. You can also buy in higher quantities from Kraoma Kratom, as well.

Hence, it is seen that the prices aren’t high. If you are considering to buy kratom in bulk, there are no worries. The vendor is providing discounts on 1 kilo powdered kratom. The original price of 1 kilo is $129, while the discounted price is $99, which is great.

What are the deals and discounts provided by this vendor?

The vendor provides attractive deals that you can enjoy on your product. You can get a discount of 10% by subscribing to this vendor. Next, there are reward points that you can get on every purchase. Save them to get discounts in the future.

Some of the deals at Kraoma Kratom flashes on the screen, and they are limited only for some time. There are coupon codes that you can use during checkout. The samples are offered as free, but you will have to bear the shipping charges. The discounted items are separately mentioned and are available from 120 grams to 1 kilo.

What are the payment options, and shipping procedures?

There are some ways by which you can make your payment, and it includes debit or credit cards, Zelle, E-check, and cryptocurrencies. It might cost you some extra fees if you are using a credit card, but when you use cryptocurrency, you can save at least 20%.

If the orders are placed before 7 pm on the weekdays, the orders will be shipped on the same day and would be free of cost. All the orders would reach your destination from 2 to 5 days, irrespective of what you have bought.


Kraoma is a reputed kratom vendor who is popular for its fast delivery, rich-quality strains, and great consumer service. They have a wide range of products and provides a free sample of strains for trying out their products. Their products are free from harmful things, and they are all tested in labs.