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Carolina Kratom Review: Why You Should Try This Vendor

Carolina Kratom is a company that supplies kratom powder and extracts at a fair competitive price. Many people who have used their products have praised the quality of products, and their consistency in delivering them.

Anyone who is searching for the best quality of kratom extracts should definitely try this vendor. Apart from kratom powder, they do provide other extracts, which are fresh and pure. In addition to all these products, they also provide liquid kratom extract of the highest quality. Let’s find out what makes the vendor so special, in this Carolina Kratom review.

Carolina Kratom: An overview

Carolina Kratom is a vendor that is reported to sell kratom strains and other extracts. Not only they provide their service online, but they have a retail store, as well. The vendor is located in Carolina, and they have a physical retail store in Augusta, situated in Georgia. However, they operate mostly through their online website.

The company ships in some states in the US, and has the ambition to provide its consumers with amazing quality kratom strains. Although they are new in the kratom community, they are focusing on the various steps that one needs to follow, for counting themselves as one of the best. They have been serving the users for two years.

They are performing at a steady pace and doing the things that they are supposed to do. They started the company with a view to facilitating its users with only the finest kratom possible. The kratom products are packed as per their sizes, and the packaging quality is also of the highest quality.

They are not cheaply packaged as compared to their pricing. They are flexible, and after using it once, you can pack it again with the airlock system that keeps the strains fresh. When a consumer gets the package delivered, it is made sure that the package is sealed properly. There is also a small transparent section in the package that helps you to see what’s inside it.

The details of the products along with the company’s name are mentioned on the package. There is also a QR code, which you can scan, and check for the lab results if you want. The products are placed in padded envelopes or boxes with the mention of the return address on the pack.

What are the products found at Carolina Kratom?

When you shop at Carolina Kratom, you can have access to many variants of kratom strains, and their related services. The company, as an initiative, invites all the consumers to give a try to their products at least once. Carolina Kratom makes every endeavor to ascertain that only the best kratom reaches you.

This vendor has loaded its inventory with all the necessary products that a consumer might want. Moreover, the kratom strains are available in different forms, which makes the vendor even more amazing. These incudes, powdered kratom, kratom capsules, powdered kratom extracts, extracts in tablets and capsules, and liquid kratom extracts.

Among these diverse categories of kratom, they have many variants that include each white, green, and red vein kratom. However, in the capsule category, the vendor is offering certain kratom strains and not all of them. These include Green Vietnam, White Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Vietnam, Green Maeng Da, and Red jungle.

Carolina Kratom also provides sample packs for new users, and with free shipping as well. After trying them, you can decide if you want to buy them, or not. The sample packs are divided into three variants. The first one consists of six different powder strains each of 30 grams. The second one contains the Red Sampler Pack, which has six different strains.

And, the third one consist of the All White Sampler containing six packets of the white vein kratom variants. Apart from these products, Carolina Kratom also provides a wide range of botanicals that includes CBD Flower, Valkyrie Botanicals, Hemp Flower, and other botanicals. They have a vast collection of products.

How is the quality of products at Carolina Kratom?

As mentioned earlier, Carolina Kratom is very serious about the quality of products and remains cautious about their purity as well. The first step involved in maintaining the quality of the strains is where they are being picked up. That’s the reason why the vendor claims to possess the best strains in the market because they are being sourced from dense forests and the mature trees.

All the ingredients before and after producing the final product are lab tested for any kind of contaminants. The company claims that no other vendor besides them tests their products, again and again, to ensure they are free from additives. They discard the materials which fail in their tests.

Most importantly, Carolina Kratom has shared their lab results on their official website, and anyone can have a look at them. Each of the products is tested for the number of alkaloids, and any type of contamination. These efforts have indeed made them a trustworthy kratom vendor among a few reputed kratom suppliers.

Are their products affordable?

As stated before, this vendor provides pure kratom strains at a reasonable price, and that’s true to its core. Even the extracts are provided to the consumers at a competitively low price that isn’t seen anywhere. However, the pricing of the products is totally based on the source and availability.

Every product comes with some sort of information that might help you to know more about that particular strain. The sample packs, which consist of 6 types of strains each of 30 grams, are priced at $44. As with other vendors, 30 grams costs around $10.

With this vendor, you can buy 10 grams of kratom capsules at $5.22, and for $111.07, you can avail 500 grams of capsules. The extracts are also found at cheap rates that start from $7 and reaches a maximum price of $34 for 15X Extract. It seems like Carolina Kratom is providing kratom at bargain prices.

What about their shipping service?

Basically, Carolina Kratom uses two methods for shipping the consignments, and they are USPS and UPS. Between 12 and 36 hours, all the products are being dispatched soon after confirming the orders. They also use another method of shipping called Super Saver, which doesn’t bear any costs, and available for different variants.

The only issue with this service is the slow process than the other two types. Typically it takes between 6 and 12 days for your products to reach their destinations. In that case, the consumer would be provided with a tracking ID in their email. Now they can track the consignment, but they might have to wait for 24 – 36 hours for the data to get uploaded.

How is the consumer service system of Carolina Kratom?

The vendor has one of the amazing consumer support systems, and always answers the queries of the users in a friendly way. They have the facility of live chat on their website that allows them to respond quickly. You can contact them from 9 am to 9 pm by calling on their phone number. You can even send your queries to their email address.


Carolina Kratom is considered as one of the trusted kratom suppliers, and their products are indeed pure and fresh. They have a wide range of products, and the consumer service is worthy of praise.