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Can You Get Kratom At Walgreens?

Buying Kratom At Walgreens?

Buying things from retail stores or online is a convenient way of shopping, and everybody wants to take full advantage of it. However, with kratom things are a bit clumsy, and it is not recommended not to buy them straight from counter stores.

Perhaps you might be wondering whether you can buy kratom from Walmart, Local GNC, Walgreens, and similar other stores. Well, to your dismay, they don’t sell kratom. The reasons might vary, but legal issues are very prominent in the US. In this article you will get to know more about kratom Walgreens, and why they don’t deal in it.

Can you purchase kratom from Walgreens?

As aforementioned, you can’t buy kratom from Walgreens, because kratom is not available at their stores. Although in some of the States of the US kratom is legalized, but Walgreens has not yet stacked kratom on their stores. Walgreens sells a wide variety of prescribed drugs, still, they haven’t stocked kratom.

Otherwise, it would have been easier for the regular kratom users of America to buy kratom from local stores instead of buying them from overseas. Kratom is available in many forms, and people use them in different ways to enjoy its varying effects. The strains are made available in the form of powder, capsules, shots, extracts, and tinctures.

Many users don’t like the horrible taste of the powder, and hence they opt for capsules, which are convenient and easy to carry. Even though the herb has many health benefits, it has some adverse effects too. The substance has been banned in many countries.

Why can’t you purchase kratom from Walgreens?

Stores like CVS and Walgreens are very popular in the US, and they operate in most of the states and Counties. For instance, Walgreens has about 8175 stores in all the States across America. They deal with all kinds of products, and these are available for the consumer market.

It is very likely that one might conclude that kratom products should be sold in such kinds of stores. Unfortunately, it is hard to find kratom in such stores, because of the legal status of the product, which is an obvious reason.

However, the legal status doesn’t play a big role in possession or consumption. Only the government-approved substances or products are available at the Walgreens. Kratom cannot be found in such stores as FDA hasn’t declared it as a safe product.

The department has issued several warnings that restricts the usage of kratom. Here are some of the reasons why you can’t find kratom in Walgreens.

Kratom yet to be approved by FDA – Although kratom is legalized in many States, still it is to be authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because of its adverse effects on your mind and body. That’s the reason why this store is unwilling to stock with kratom irrespective of its quality.

FDA is trying to ban kratom and its products in the United States. As of now, FDA is medically and scientifically evaluating kratom to furnish future decisions on the legality of the substance. Apart from this, some other agencies like American Kratom Association are trying their best to regularize the product in the state. Between all these confusions, Walgreens thought it appropriate not to sell kratom in their stores.

DEA tried to ban kratom in the states – It is not the FDA but the DEA is also against the usage of kratom, and everything related to it. The DEA has raised its concern on the legal status of the substance in the US. They even listed kratom on Schedule 1, in the year 2016.

Although proper lack of research in this relevant field has led to dismiss their proposal. This action of the agency reflects the concern about the ban on this product in the whole country.

Credit companies don’t accept a transaction for kratom – It is not only the pharmacies and superstores, but banks don’t even encourage kratom transactions. These days almost everyone prefers to pay through their debit or credit cards. Hence, if banks don’t recognize the transaction, Walgreens won’t be able to perform a fair deal. Therefore, when a monetary loss is relevant, many top pharmacies including Walgreens won’t accept such a transaction.

Absence of positive media coverage – There are many people that might be in the favor of using kratom, because of its various health benefits. Unfortunately, the state laws, law enforcement agencies, and top media are against this substance.

By any chance, if Walgreens starts to sell kratom in their stores, then it is likely that they will have to face the backlash from all these agencies, including negative media coverage. Once Walgreens begins to sell kratom, the media people will report it in a negative way, which will hamper the reputation of the company.

Various reports indicate several deaths linked with kratom usage – As per the CDC report, it has been found out that over 100 people had lost their lives because of the overdose of kratom. That’s the reason why the FDA considers kratom as a big ‘drug concern’. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the deaths were caused because of the kratom alone, or it has been mixed with other harmful substances.

Some of the other reasons for those deaths might be due to different drug interactions, a high dosage, or the ill-condition of the patient. There is much research to be done on this herb about its potent effects, and if it cast adverse health issues in the user. This is why kratom is not sold at Walgreens.

What is Walgreen’s policy regarding the selling of kratom?

The legality of kratom plays a significant role in making its purchase in all the states. Because of the legal status of the substance in the entire US, many big retail stores such as Walgreens avoid to sell them in their stores. However, leaving aside this reason, Walgreens has their policy of not selling drugs or other psychoactive substances within its vicinity.

This is the main reason why Walgreens doesn’t sell kratom as the researchers have proved about the psychoactive effects present in kratom. Walgreens believes that they have a social responsibility for the people, and completely adheres to the laws and regulations imposed by the states.

The products found at the Walgreens are analyzed thoroughly keeping in view of the safety measures at all costs. Besides, the drugs available at their store should comply with state regulations. Since the beginning, Walgreens has been concerned about selling drugs, and they have been very transparent. They don’t deal with products that might result in negative consequences upon the user’s health.

Also because of the mixed reviews on kratom usage, Walgreens stays away from selling them on the store. They don’t want to upset the FDA and the DEA. In short, kratom Walgreens won’t go against their policies, which might put people’s lives at stake.

Therefore, it might be concluded that until the research is completely over, and it is wholly legalized, there is no chance that Walgreens will be selling kratom in their stores. For any queries on the policies of Walgreens, you might consider to check them on their official website.


It is natural that nobody wants to get entangled in legal affairs, and the same is with Walgreens as well. Although, it might disappoint many users that kratom is not available at Walgreens, but don’t lose hope, as there are equally good and safe alternatives available.