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Moon Kratom Review: How Good Are They?

Moon Kratom: an overview

The internet is flooded with kratom vendors, where you can buy quality kratom strains at an affordable price. However, not all the vendors are the same, as very few of them are reliable and trustworthy. Among the few reliable kratom vendors, Moon Kratom is one of them.

The company has earned distinction in providing the consumers with a vast array of quality kratom products at a more convenient price. Moon Kratom directly sources the kratom strains from the growers, without any involvement from middlemen, and hence their products are priced moderately. Keep on reading this Moon Kratom review for a better understanding of them.

Kratom strains provided by Moon Kratom:

The vendor provides a wide range of kratom products to its users, and some of them are discussed below.

Red Indo kratom – This type of kratom strain greatly helps people who are suffering from acute pain. The Red Indo also helps in relieving the sore muscles. By using the Red Indo strains, you can experience a reduced amount of anxiety and stress, which can last for about six hours. Some people use this strain to lower their blood pressure and to support a weak immune system.

Red Bali kratom – This type of kratom strain is used for deriving different effects. The Red Bali comes from the red vein kratom leaves, and by using them you achieve improved focus and become attentive while working on various tasks. The Red Bali strains can help an individual to get calmness, and aids in having a good sleep. It has the ability to relax the tensed sore muscles as well.

Green Indo kratom – This particular kratom strain can be helpful in resolving several issues. Green Indo is the commonest kratom that assists in relieving pain. This kratom strain can be helpful to anyone who is having trouble in opiate withdrawal symptoms. The strains also assist in treating nausea and makes it easy for those individuals who are trying to get rid of opiates. Green Indo strains are used by many people for relaxing, because of the soothing effects. It also improves the mood and allows the user to relax.

White Borneo kratom – Although White Borneo strains are not that easy to find with all the kratom vendors, Moon Kratom can avail of this strain for your needs. This kratom strain has the ability to boost your mood, and greatly assist in reducing certain symptoms of depression. The White Borneo strains can help to increase the concentration level, and reduce distractions while working on different tasks.

Maeng Da kratom – The Maeng Da, or otherwise known as Super Green, is considered to be the purest, and active type of kratom strains that can be found with this vendor. Maeng Da kratom strains have the ability to improve your mood and provide you with boosted energy too. When you use this strain early morning, you will remain energized throughout the whole day. You can carry on with your task with a clear mind.

Yellow Indo kratom – From the specialized kind of yellow kratom strains, the Yellow Indo strains are made. This type of strain provides the user with boosted energy, and this particular type of kratom is one of the most active ones in the market. Users can use this kratom when they are experiencing fatigue so that they can get energy. Yellow Indo kratom is rarely to be found with many kratom vendors, but you can get them at Moon Kratom.

Yellow Thai kratom – The Yellow Thai strains will help to provide euphoric sensations to the users. This type of strain is used in improving mood and enables the user to improve their focus. The Yellow Thai kratom is popular for the sedating effects, and people get relaxed by using this strain. This kratom strain can help you in reducing pain, as well.

10X Kratom extracts – This vendor provides another type of product known as the 10X Extracts. This particular kratom is considered to be the cleanest, and the purest extract available with this vendor. The extract is one of the best kratom products to be found in Moon Kratom because it is highly concentrated. For that reason, you don’t have to take this extract in big amounts for having the desired effects. The 10X extract is easy to use, and you can mix it with other drinks, such as juices or other liquids.


The price of a product can be an important part of any purchase, and it can indicate a product’s quality if it is priced at a very low amount that isn’t expected. However, the opposite is not always true, which is higher prices don’t mean that the quality of the product is fine. There are many frauds who are using this technique to sell average kratom strains at a much high price, expecting to earn plenty of money, without having to spend money.

The kratom products at Moon Kratom are priced pretty averagely when you consider that many of their products are available in 100 grams, which is the minimum amount to buy. However, the liquid extract has a diverse range of products rather than the powder, as it comes in different measurements. Going through the prices of products it appears to have moderate consistency.

You might worry that cheaper prices might lead to bad quality kratom strains, but it seems like Moon Kratom is trying to balance between low price and good quality kratom products.

The reputation of the vendor:

It is certain that Moon Kratom has a strong and good reputation across the kratom industry. Many users who have successfully traded with them, are extremely satisfied with their way of service. Such type of praises received from the consumers should be considered as the highest level of attribution and contributes towards building a good reputation.

The Moon Kratom has courteous, polite, and professional executives who provide their services to valued consumers without hesitation. Another consideration factor lies in the quality of the kratom products. This vendor focuses on providing its consumers with all the necessary needs. They also provide high-grade kratom strains at a considerably cheap price.

The products sold by Moon Kratom is reported to be of the cleanest, and purest form of kratom. Many users are satisfied with the overall experience with this vendor, and there are many good reviews from them about the vendor on various kratom forums. All these factors are very important in raising a company’s reputation, and that has helped in building the reputation of Moon Kratom, as well. This kratom vendor is considered as a promising vendor that fulfills all your requirements.

Consumer service system:

Connecting with the consumer service at Moon Kratom is easy and convenient. The vendor has an outstanding consumer service where the executives immediately respond to every query made by them. There are various ways of accessing their services, such as with the help of messages, emails, and phone calls.

They are active on some social media platforms, too. It is evident from the services of the Moon Kratom that consumer satisfaction is their primary goal. The reviews from many users only indicate the effectiveness, and reliability of the vendor.


There is no doubt that Moon Kratom can be considered as one amongst the preferred, and trustworthy kratom vendors. They provide high-quality kratom strains at an affordable price. The vendor is of great repute and has an excellent consumer support system.