kratom extract vs powder

Kratom Extract Vs Powder: What Are The Differences?

Kratom Extract Vs Powder explained

If you are new in the world of kratom, perhaps you might come across some terminologies that are being used by vendors when advertising their products. One of the common terminologies includes kratom extract vs powder. Some vendors highlight their extracts, while some others refer to their powders. Here is a comprehensive guide about the characteristics of these two types of strains.

Kratom extract vs kratom powder:

Kratom extracts are derived from the herb that can be either in the form of crushed residue, or liquid. As a common practice, kratom extracts are considered as a selected component of the plant and not the whole derivative. That means, while gathering the extracts from the plant, it is processed with some activity, which segregates the source form the extracts.

By using certain filters, the desired elements are separated from the whole. Whereas on the other side, kratom powders remain almost whole, and that implies they possess all the original elements of the herb in raw form. There are different characteristics of kratom extracts and kratom powders. Some of them are discussed below.

Absorption – The kratom extracts in the form of liquids are soluble in nature because of the ionic structure, and they get absorbed easily. That means, the extracts when poured on the skin, or hair will get absorbed. Now that’s beneficial when the herbal extract is used on the body. There are extracts that deal with burnt skin, allergies, and body dryness.

The extracts get absorbed through the skin and reach the internal parts of your body to free you from pain. On the other side, kratom powder gathered from the herbs does not provide such functionality, because it doesn’t get absorbed. That’s the reason why kratom powder needs to be mixed with water so that it can change its characteristics and become effective.

Digestion – Kratom extracts in liquid form can be digested easily in their original form without mixing it with other elements for ingesting and then digesting. Whereas, the powder won’t get easily down the throat. Whatever be the kratom strain, like red vein, white vein, or Thai, they can cause irritation and burning sensation on your throat.

The only way to ingest powder is by mixing it with water or taking it down with water at the same time. Digestion is supported with the help of water.

Potency – The power of an extract will depend on factors such as purity of the extract, and whether the extract has been mixed with impurities or artificial compounds. If such happens, the potentiality of the extract will deteriorate.

Powdered extracts or liquid extracts can have both high and low potency depends on the additives that have been included in them. Powder extracts are more potent when they are grounded from herbs that have been gathered naturally.

Similarly, liquid extracts can be treated as potent without the inclusion of water, or other liquids into the main solution. However, liquid solutions are mixed with certain additives to increase the quantity of the extract, and in this process, the quality gets reduced.

Concentrated solution – In general, liquid extracts are obtained by squeezing the sourced herbs. The basic requirement for extracting a liquid solution is derived from the moisture within. All herbal solution is primarily based on water, but apart from the water, there are some elements found in them, which results in a medicinal solution.

Extracts that are collected from the source directly are highly concentrated and need to be diluted for further usage. The concentrated solution is therefore considered to carry a lot of nutritional value that they are having. The quantity of the concentrated solution can be increased by diluting it with supporting solvent, such as water.

Also, the consumers of liquid extracts, in particular, can be beneficial to a great extent, because they can either use it as a very high potent solution with the low quantity or adding water to get a high quantity of the solution that can be used for a long time.

Whereas powdered extracts don’t have to be potentially concentrated because they were grounded with some amount of air mixed in them.

Dosing – Liquid extracts and powder extracts are utilized for medicinal purposes, and hence it should be known before handed about their dosage. The liquid extract can be ingested easily, as they can be taken as raw, or with water. Liquid extracts can be taken anywhere with ease, and that’s a thing worth mentioning.

The proper doses of liquid extracts can be recognized easily by the user because they can simply open the cap of the bottle containing the extract, and pour it directly in their mouth, or glass. They can even pour the solution in their palm if it happens to be applied to the skin.

Whereas, it is a bit difficult to carry powder extracts here and there because there is a chance that the powder might dispense in thin air, and can get spilled if it is not dealt with proper attention. However, it is easy to assume a proper dose of the powder, as it can be consumed with a spoon.

When the powdered extract is bought in the form of capsules, it becomes easier for the user to consume the extract without an overdose.

Shelf life – While many users might suggest using powder extract as it remains free from additives, and carries the whole kratom, but the shelf life may not be long enough because of the vulnerability of the environment. Most of the people keep the powder in the refrigerator, as it seems to be perfect.

But during the summer season, when the cooling starts to give out, moisture starts to develop, and that can ruin the powder. The sensitivity of the powder when comes in contact with oxygen can cause the formation of bacteria and virus in the powder.

On the brighter side, liquid extracts have a long shelf life, because they are placed tightly in containers, and have very fewer chances of getting exposed to moisture, or other airborne microorganisms.

Taste – When it comes to taste, both powder and liquid extracts taste the same, because they have been extracted from the same source. Many kratom users find it difficult to swallow the powder in raw form, or even when it is taken with water. There is a chance that some of them will stick in the throat, and the user would feel the horrible taste of the kratom.

Although some of the strains of kratom such as a white vein, Thai vein, or the red vein might be different, overall it will taste the same. The liquid extract can be ingested easily, as it flows down the throat easily without sticking on the throat area, and the taste buds don’t indicate any sensation of a bitter taste.

Safe from moisture – It is essential for the powder extract to stay away from moisture under any circumstances. In the presence of moisture, the powder can form clots, and the material might be unstable for usage. But such situations can be avoided by using the liquid extract. The liquid extract of kratom saves the solution from getting exposed to moisture, or unwanted materials.


It is understandable that kratom extracts have a more potent effect when taken in smaller doses, as compared to regular kratom strains. There are different kinds of extracts that you can choose from. But you should maintain the right dosage because they can mess your tolerance level.