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Sacred Kratom Review: A Complete Guide

Sacred Kratom: What you should know

Kratom is known to have many therapeutic benefits and considered a recreational drug. However, a poor-quality strain or a bad kratom vendor can ruin your experience, especially if you are a new user. Not only you will be deprived of the health benefits, but the low-grade products can harm you severely.

Hence, selecting a good kratom vendor is essential not only for having a great experience but for your personal health too. By looking into the reviews of many users on a few kratom forums, you might be able to find out a good vendor.

Sacred Kratom is one of those few kratom vendors. This article will be a Sacred Kratom review, where you will find out whether it would be wise to deal with them, or not.

Sacred Kratom: A brief history

It seems that Sacred Kratom has been operational for a minimum of 2 to 3 years if you take into consideration the establishment history, availability of a wider section of products, prompt service, a good name, and reviews from unfiltered and anonymous forums.

However, there are also some negative reviews about Sacred Kratom of not being a legit kratom vendor, more specifically because of the higher prices as compared to the other vendors in the market. However, there isn’t any evidence behind these rumors. The main office of Sacred Kratom is situated in Orange County in California.

Website quality & other features:

The official website of Sacred Kratom is laden with quality content with clear product images, which gives an impression of them being a professional vendor. The addition of certain features that includes a shopping cart, along with an accounting system, allows them to earn some points in their favor. That’s because many scam sites are poorly built, or copied from other sources, which gives a reflection about their unprofessional approach to the business.

Whereas in Sacred Kratom, you will find that everything is working just as fine as intended. With repeated functionality in purchasing, it makes a lot easier to remember about a particular strain that you had purchased from a previous visit.

The website’s blog posts seem to have regular updates whenever there is something new that needs to be shared. The articles have been well-researched, and it acts as a marketing tool, especially for new kratom users who are yet to begin a wonderful start.

The general accessibility and quality seen on each of the webpages are a lot nicer than fake sites. You can easily navigate through different sections of the pages without a bombardment of promotional banners or advertisements. With the help of the navigation bar present at the top, you can move directly to other pages.

You can access the user’s account and wish list from the bottom of the page, alongside quick referral links, and some legal information. At the bottom end of each product page, you can access the reviews section. You can use it anonymously without creating an account on the website.

Now that’s a unique thing in consumers’ favor because you can share your discomforts about the poor service without the need to identify yourself. However, only those users who had bought products, and logged in to their account, will be recognized as a ‘verified owner’. They can post reviews about the products, and the same will be recorded for viewing by different users who are new on the site.

Product selection:

Sacred Kratom sells a wide range of kratom products in different forms that consist of powder, and capsules. Some of the kratom strains include Borneo, Bali, Maeng Da, Indo, Malay, Bentuangie, Sumatra, and so on. Some of the variants are available in different sub-types, which include Red Borneo, and White Borneo.

Some other kratom strains are available in ultra-enhanced for. an interesting feature about the vendor is that they display each product under a separate page, which gives detailed information about that particular strain, such as how they are enhanced, what are their effects, and so on.

This information becomes more interactive by the inclusion of various pictures of that strain, or extracts, which makes it ideal for potential consumers to grab it, and head for purchase. Many suppliers avoid this simple thing of transparency, and that makes Sacred Kratom the preferred choice of many people.

Pricing & buying:

Sacred Kratom hosts its pricing based on the weight of the products, and the cheapest one is displayed first. For instance, the standard Bali kratom strains are listed from $9.99 – $124.99 and ranging from an ounce to a pound of powdered kratom. There are many enhanced variants, which are priced at $39.99 for 5 grams.

If you are in search of any kind of kratom strains, this vendor has a diverse range of products to choose from. For anything you want to buy that is much unique and a specific type, you might have to spend a bit little than you have anticipated. However, the strains are priced moderately, but they are a lot better when the quality is compared with the shadier sites that sell poor strains at high prices.

As stated earlier, the Sacred Kratom has a shopping cart system, which means that you can buy many products as you can without the need to buy one item at one time. That’s another amazing thing about the vendor because you can see the actual cost of products when you purchase them all together.

Currency conversions for different countries or regions cannot be seen on this website other than the areas in the US. Although this is understandable because Sacred Kratom is a company who operates from the US. If any products go out of stock, they are quick to update the same on the product page. That is indeed helpful, as you can see which product is not present currently in a glance.

Payment methods:

The payment structure is yet another important feature of any e-commerce website, and Sacred Kratom seems to have mastered this section quite well. They accept different types of card payments, and they accept money through PayPal as well. Any sort of currency conversion gets automatically done, which makes it easy to avoid an extra step. Not only global currencies such as Euros or US Dollars, but country-specific currencies like the Australian Dollars and Francs gets converted.

Shipping, refund policy & delivery:

Sacred Kratom claims to ship the products on the same day after processing the orders. Any domestic order that exceeds $100, will be shipped free of cost. For international orders, it will take between 7 and 14 working days for the delivery. However, the import charges and the taxes will be charged extra other than the purchase price of the product.

Therefore it is necessary to check the overall pricing of the items including the extras so that you can know the exact amount that might be incurred while buying them. Sacred Kratom claims to provide refund requests if any fault is found on their part.

Damaged items will be eligible for a replacement or a refund after the items have been thoroughly verified. Another interesting aspect of this vendor lies in their versatility to accept cancellation of orders, as long as they are not shipped, by giving an intimation to the sales team.


Sacred Kratom has successfully grown its business not by the advertisements alone. They have reached that height by providing good service, and quality products to their consumers.