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Soul Speciosa Reviewed: Things You Need To Know About Them

Soul Speciosa: should you buy here

Because of the fantastic health benefits associated with the use of kratom, the herb has been popular for a few years. As a result of this outbreak, many kratom vendors had also popped out. By dealing with a reputed kratom vendor, the users might be able to derive the benefits of this herb.

Soul Speciosa is an online kratom vendor that sells pure, and quality kratom products. In this article, this vendor will be reviewed in terms of products, pricing, and many more.

Soul Speciosa: An overview

Soul Speciosa, or otherwise known as Left Coast Kratom, has been in the kratom industry for some time. Although this company is called Soul Speciosa, its website is operating under the name of the Left Coast Kratom URL. As per reports, the company was compelled to modify its URL after the outburst of salmonella threat way back in 2018.

This particular event has been tiresome for all the kratom vendors. Many vendors were forced to shut their operations because they have failed to keep their products from this contamination. However, many vendors have set out the right quality practices for their products, and that made the contamination less low.

Apart from contamination, some other things have to be looked over, such as the alkaloid contents on the products. The alkaloids are responsible for causing the effects derived from using kratom strains. Alkaloid levels don’t remain the same, as they are based on concentration and composition. That’s what distinguishes the best vendor from the bad one.

You might have heard from various users that a particular strain from one vendor acts more powerfully than that from another vendor of low reputation. That explains the difference in the concentration of alkaloid contents. Although there is no perfect way to find out these things before using the strains, and that’s why it is very important to deal with a vendor of good repute.

As per the reviews from different kratom forums, it has been found out that Soul Speciosa is one of the few kratom vendors that have been dealing with high-quality and fresh kratom strains. The primary goal of the company is to provide users with pure strains at a competitive price.

All the products available with this vendor are tested in labs for asserting the purity of the strains. Moreover, the strains are also tested for any traces of contamination. This vendor is associated with AKA (American Kratom Association), for ensuring the users get only the best strains.

Quality of products:

It is evident from the Quality Assurance section on the company’s website that Soul Speciosa submits its products through multiple tests. These tests are conducted for ensuring that the products are free from microbial, and heavy metal content. Only the products, which pass those tests will be sold to the consumers.

Apart from screening their products for possible contaminants, Soul Speciosa complies with cGMP and AKA practices that include the following criteria.

  • Renovated sanitation procedures
  • Environmentally controlled testing for pathogens in their facilities
  • Use of at least two labs, or more for testing the products
  • Thorough blending process
  • Elaborate screening procedures for the products

To maintain transparency regarding all the safety measures, and to establish themselves as a company of repute, Soul Speciosa can even send an email about the certificate of analysis, if you want to see. Now that’s an excellent approach, and that’s the reason why this vendor has been gaining trust from its users.

Product selection:

As stated earlier, Soul Speciosa is the place where you can get only the pure and fresh kratom strains. The vendor provides different types of kratom products that range from kratom extracts to powdered kratom and beginner strains. They provide the strains in the form of both powder and capsule.

Some of the strains available with this vendor include Green Bali, Red Kali Kratom, White Borneo, Yellow Thai, Red Dragon, Super enhanced Indo, Super Green Malay, OG Bali, and many more. Some of the kratom extracts that are available with this vendor consist of 50X Extract, Platinum Extract, Full Spectrum Extract, Left Coast Gold Extract, and few more.

Among all the famous kratom strains, the enhanced Thai Maeng Da is the popular strain that you can find with this vendor. Almost every user has reported that their strains are stronger than other prevailing brands in the market. Soul Speciosa has made every effort to ensure that each of its products is incredible and affordable.


The products found at Soul Speciosa comes at an affordable price. Almost all the kratom strains in the powdered form start at $8.40. The kratom capsules are reasonably priced as well. For example, if you want to buy White Borneo capsules of 1 ounce, you can get them for just $13.94. When this price was compared to another popular kratom vendor, it was found that the same strain was available for $14.36.

Not only the vendor provides you with low prices, but Soul Speciosa gives you the opportunity to save more money by way of discounts. When you follow them on social media platforms, you become eligible for a discount of 10%. Furthermore, they provide you with a loyalty program, which can aid you in having discounts exceeding 10%.

Website interface:

The official website of Soul Speciosa is quite impressive, as you can access all the information and products with ease. The middle area of the homepage displays the different types of products they have in their stock. Additional links at the bottom of the page, and ‘Browse Our Store’ option at the top left, are indeed very helpful.

Another important section of the page consists of the FAQ and Quality Assurance. It is vital to know about the safety measures that the vendor is taking for ensuring their products are safe and yield effective results. The FAQ section carries other informative details about the company, its policies, and its practices.

The best part about their website is that underneath every product, there is a comprehensive description of that particular type of strain. This includes how to use the strains, and how to store them to preserve its potency. That’s a rare thing that can’t be found on the websites of most of the kratom vendors.

Shipping & refund policy:

The vendor provides free shipping on all orders through USPS First Class. If you spend more than $49.00, you will qualify for the USPS Priority Mail, and if you buy products worth more than $99.00, you will have free shipping of USPS Next Day. All the orders placed between Monday and Friday before 2 pm, and 12 am on Saturday, will be shipped on that very day.

For all the products sold at Soul Speciosa, there is a 30-day warranty period. After receiving your products if you find them unappealing, you can get an exchange or a refund. For that, you have to contact the vendor within 30 days of receiving the orders. Make sure that the products are untampered and unopened for qualifying the warranty. You have to pay the shipping fees while returning the items. However, the company will pay for the shipping charges while sending the exchanged items.


Hence, it can be concluded that Soul Speciosa can be considered as one of the reliable kratom vendors, which deals in pure and fresh kratom strains. Their products are affordable, and safe that don’t cast harmful side effects on the user.