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Serenity Botanicals Review: Why You Should Buy From Them

Serenity Botanicals: a summary

Herbal products made from kratom strains are immensely popular, and these are for treating a wide variety of ailments. There are many vendors that are selling different types of organic products, and Serenity Botanicals is one among them.

The company provides rich-quality natural products to its users at the best price possible. In this Serenity Botanicals review, you will get an insight into their professionalism in business, and what makes them a reputed kratom vendor.

Product line-up:

The professionalism behind the Serenity Botanicals is the main reason why they have been dealing with the business in a different way than other botanical stores available online. The Serenity Botanicals is the ideal store where you can enjoy the purchasing experience with all the eminent deals.

The company is well aware of the vast preferences and needs of the various users, and hence they provide a diverse range of organic products. Almost all the famous strains are available with them, hence everyone will get their desired choice.

Remember that when you scroll through the page, some items might take some time to load, especially if the internet connection is slow. Or else, you can search for a specific kratom strain on the search bar at the top. It’s easy, convenient, and saves time. Here are some of the products that are found with them, and these are also displayed on their official website.

  • Green Malay
  • Green Borneo
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Thai
  • Red Cambodian
  • Red Vietnam
  • White Bali
  • White Kapuas
  • White Indo
  • Yellow Borneo

They have several samples of kratom strains which costs as low as $2.99. Apart from these products, Serenity Botanicals has some CBD products as well. These include CBD Pure Capsules, CBD Pure Tinctures, CBD Pure Gummies, CBD Organic Lotion, Hemp CBD Flower, and so on.

You will come across some botanical products such as Ashwagandha root powder, Turmeric organic powder, Kava root powder, Maca Organic root powder, and few other products. Under the essential oils section, you will find products such as lemongrass, lavender, oatmeal spice, citrus lavender, and some others.

So, it is seen that Serenity Botanicals has a wide range of organic products, and these constitute a great catalog. If you are using herbal products, and not only kratom, Serenity Botanicals will surely fulfill your desire.

Product quality:

The very foundation of Serenity Botanicals lies in its commitment to provide organic herbal products of the highest quality for its users. It is believed that the products manufactured at Serenity Botanicals were personally tested by the members of the company first, and then they are served to the users for ensuring a healthier life.

The primary objective of the company is to provide individuals with a diverse range of organic products, and hence they put consistent effort in manufacturing effective, potent, and purely natural products. They assure each consumer of having the desired result alongside numerous health benefits by using their products.

Serenity Botanicals have worked very hard to maintain the best of industrial practices, and attain few certifications. Every product undergoes thorough lab tests for ensuring the products are safe and pure for human consumption. The professionals at the company make sure that all the practices and processes are meeting the recommended standards.

Some of the important tests carried out by the company include microbial safety tests, and heavy-metal testing to make sure the products are free from contamination. The company stands out from the other vendors who pack low-quality products without bothering about the harmful effects those products might cause.


The products sold at Serenity Botanicals are priced moderately. Although there are some products that are a bit expensive, for most of the products, the users enjoy cheap deals when they buy organic products. There are chances that the prices might fluctuate from time to time, as desired by the company because of some reasons.

Therefore, it is suggested to keep an eye on the prices and purchase only when you feel comfortable. However, it might seem a challenging task to keep track of the prices of different products. But it’s a bit different when it comes to Serenity Botanicals, as they make every effort to make the price of their organic items stay moderate.

If you are a beginner, perhaps you might consider buying a 10-gram sample pack for $2.99. To start off, that’s a pretty cheap amount, where there are vendors that sells the same quantity for $10. The sample provides great support to those people who get stuck after buying a lot of kratoms only to find out later that the strain was not exactly what was thought of.

Different types of kratom powders are priced at $6.99 for one ounce, which is still less than the market value. You can even buy 6 ounces strains only for $29.99, which is low as compared to the average price of other vendors. Serenity Botanicals sells one kilo of kratom strains at $129.99, which is a low price as per the industry.

Payment options:

Almost every kratom vendor has a wide range of payment methods, and Serenity Botanicals is no exception. The company provides multiple methods of payments to consumers after placing their orders. Some of the payment options include credit cards, e-checks, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Zelle App.

There is no specific methods that you have to make payment through as with some other vendors, so you have the liberty to use any of the aforementioned modes of payment. The variation of payment is extremely important because many people are not accustomed to all the different modes of payment.

Moreover, the situation gets even worse when the vendor provides a single payment option that isn’t popular, for example, e-checks. The different ways of payment method is a big relief for all the consumers who want to buy from Serenity Botanicals.


The company has an excellent way of shipping system for the local orders. Each and every product are being delivered within the shortest span of time. This important aspect of the company has made it more preferable than other natural product vendors. Serenity Botanicals has a well-managed international shipping system, which can conveniently deliver products to international consumers.

All the products are packed in air-sealed containers before shipping, for ensuring that the items do not get damaged during transit. The whole shipment process is very simple, and understandable. Almost every shipment process is carried away by Priority Express and other Priority options through USPS.

The entire process is secure, fast, and reasonably cheap. The lack of free shipping is definitely a weak point here. The delivery settlement will take a maximum of 3 days. All the tracking information of the product will be available once the transaction is complete.

Return policy & consumer service:

For any reason, if you are dissatisfied with the products, you can contact the company through an email, and they will guide you about the return procedure. All returns attract a fee of $5.

The consumer care representatives are incredibly responsive. They are always ready to assist the users with information and solve their queries at the earliest. Serenity Botanicals provides email, and ‘Live Chat’ support for the users.


If you are looking for the best quality organic products at a reasonable price, Serenity Botanicals is the only place where you can find them. They provide high-quality products and hassle-free services.