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Releaf Kratom: Why Should You Consider Them?

Releaf Kratom: an overview

As the popularity of kratom spread, there has been a significant increase in the number of vendors. However, finding a reliable kratom vendor is a daunting task, and by conducting thorough research you might get a vendor of your choice.

In this guide, you will come to know about Releaf Kratom, a kratom vendor who has been making rounds recently. Many users are satisfied with them, especially with the price they are offering. Let’s find out more about this vendor in this detailed review.

Releaf Kratom: An overview

If you are a new kratom user, it might be a challenging task to find a reliable vendor that supplies the best quality kratom strains. Going through the reviews of many people is a good way of evaluating certain kratom vendors. Generally, people give honest criticism about the products they are satisfied with, and the ones they mostly hate.

Kratom can be helpful for people who are struggling with various medical conditions, and therefore picking up the right kratom strain is a must. Releaf Kratom is one of the successful kratom vendors in the market, who has been serving the needs of the users for some time. The company started its operation in 2017 and has been operating out of Ohio.

The primary goal of the company is to sell high-quality kratom strains to all its consumers. They are putting great efforts by making top-notch strains for ensuring that their products reach every users’ hands. Apart from producing and selling strains, the company knows how important is the role of consumer service, and hence they have deployed a team that will assist you whenever you will face an issue.

Different forms of products sold by Releaf Kratom:

Here are the different forms of products available with this vendor.

Powdered kratom – One of the best sellers of the company is the powdered kratom strains, and they are available in a wide variety of amounts. You can get 30 grams of the strain at a price of $10. You can also find the common strains consisting of white, green and red vein colors. People familiar with kratom knows that the color of the veins provides different and unique kinds of effects.

The company’s website informs the consumer about what they are purchasing along with other informative things. When you go through a particular strain and click on it, all the information relating to that strain is displayed, which includes its specifications, effects, etc. You can purchase any quantity of powder ranging between 30 grams and 1-kilo packs.

The Red Veins consists of Red Maeng da, Red Thai, Red JongKong, Golden Bali, and so on. The White Veins offers White Thai strains, White JongKong, White Maeng Da, White Hulu Kapuas, and some others. Finally, the Green Veins has variants like Green Thai, Green elephant, Green Maeng Da, and others.

More details about the different types of powdered strains are mentioned on the website. As stated earlier, Releaf Kratom has gained popularity because of the availability of the common strains that they provide to their consumers.

You can get all the famous kratom strains with this vendor. However, if you find any doubt about something, or want to know more about a particular strain, then you can talk with the consumer support executives.

Kratom capsules – If you aren’t interested in powdered kratom, the company provides the strains in the form of capsules too. By spending about $18, you can get 60 kratom capsules. The capsules are available in packs of 60,120, and 180. The capsules are made of a special type of gelatin that helps in coating the strains.

They are packed with a Dry Pack technique, which prevents the capsules from any kind of moisture, or mold, and these remain fresh until you use them. The extra care given to the capsules is being reflected once the products reach your hand, and you find them in good condition.

Many people prefer the capsule form because each capsule is measured with a specific amount, which helps in a proper dosage. As of now, Releaf Kratom provides White Borneo, Red Bali, Maeng Da, and a few kratom strains in capsule form. It is assumed that users won’t get disappointed in the selection of strains.

Tincture kratom – One of the less popular ways of using kratom strains is through a tincture. Not many companies provide strains in tincture form, but Releaf Kratom has earned distinction is selling kratom in flavored tinctures. With the help of added flavors, users can avoid the horrible taste of kratom strains.

You can buy tincture bottles, which are available in 15ml quantity, and equals to 11g of kratom leaves. The company mentions that the tincture is made by the formulation of a triple-filtered solution, which is purified from the kratom leaves.

The tinctures contain high-quality solvents and contain non-GMO based on 100% ethanol. There aren’t any harmful solvents mixed in the tinctures. The two kinds of tincture kratom available with them and that includes Maeng Da Mandarin Orange and Café Latte.

Why should you consider this vendor?

As mentioned before, finding a reliable kratom vendor is a daunting task. Hence, there are some factors that you might take into consideration while choosing a kratom vendor for buying pure kratom strains. Here are some of the factors.

Product quality – The quality of kratom strains is the only thing when it comes to using it, and kratom enthusiasts never compromise with it. Releaf Kratom ensures that only the purest strains reach its valued consumers. All the products that the users will receive have been duly tested in labs, which guarantees the freshness of the kratom strains.

That’s one of the major reasons why people like to order from Releaf Kratom. Consumers will never have to worry about any kind of contamination, and they can be assured that the best strain will come their way.

FDA approved – The FDA is a vital body that assures the quality of the products. The FDA inspects the company’s facilities and the overall quality of their products. If anything falls short of their expectations, the company won’t be given approval.

The alkaloids present in the strains are being looked over by the FDA through third-party testing agencies. These agencies check the level of mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine for finding if the levels are well maintained in the products, or not. The strains are checked to ensure that they are free from pesticides, fungi, and salmonella.

FDA approval is important and necessary after the outbreak of salmonella, and Releaf Kratom tries their level best to ensure that their products are 100% safe from these kinds of contaminants.

The reputation of the vendor – If a company is running smoothly for some time, it indicates that they had built a solid reputation. It’s pretty obvious that if a company had not been selling quality kratom strains, their business would have been stopped by now.

Releaf Kratom has been operating since 2017 and going on still now. Many users have been immensely satisfied with their services. The company ensures that their products are safe, and has the capability to provide the users with the expected effects.


Hence, it is seen that Releaf Kratom is indeed a great company that has been providing their consumers with the best quality of kratom strains, safe from harmful contaminants. However, just like other vendors, they might need an upgrade to their services.