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Okie Kratom Review: Everything You Need To Know About

Okie Kratom Review: an overview

Okie Kratom is a company that has earned its respect by selling rich-quality kratom strains to its consumers. There are many health benefits linked with the usage of kratom, and the company is trying its best to deliver only the best kratom strains to the consumers.

A guide on the Okie Kratom review will help you to find out the quality of the products they are selling. They are one of the few kratom vendors that provide the user with products that are capable of providing the best effects.

Okie Kratom: A brief history

Okie Kratom was initially stated by Gary D. Blodgett after experiencing some frustrating events while dealing with some of the existing kratom vendors. The place where he belonged to was very remote, and getting kratom in that distant place was very difficult.

Moreover, very few vendors used to ship kratom to that place, and they were only available in the local head shops. He had a hard time dealing with the problems, like his public image, the metric system, and so on. On top of that, most of the vendors were selling kratom strains in bulk quantity, which is very tricky for new users.

There are chances that the strains might not work, and the money would get wasted. That’s how the company was born out of these frustrations. When you buy from this vendor, there is an option to try the sample first, and then move on with a bigger purchase. The samples are available as little as 0.5 ounces of kratom strains.

Although Okie Kratom has been there for a while now among the other kratom vendors, there is less information about them. It is weird to find out that it’s nearly impossible to find reviews about Okie Kratom in any online kratom forum. That doesn’t mean that they are not legit, but it is extremely hard to know about the company.

Why should you buy kratom from Okie Kratom?

To find out whether Okie Kratom is worthy enough to buy kratom products from them, you will have to find out for yourself based on the below-mentioned factors.

Product quality – Since the very purpose of founding this company, as described by Gary, it has been an endeavor to provide the consumers with high-quality kratom strains for achieving the desired effects with safety measures. On the flip side, he has not mentioned the cGMP practices they are using to achieve that.

Also, there is no mention of any lab tests, and they have neither published the results for any type of tests they might have done to the previous batch, or for the current batches. That’s definitely not a good sign. However, there are some good reviews about Okie Kratom, and those have been stated by many satisfied consumers.

Official website – The official website of Okie Kratom looks pretty good, and the layout is quite amazing. The interface is very friendly, easy to navigate, and it seems that it was designed considering the buyer’s interest. You can access all the products directly from the homepage, and have a look at all the products in stock.

For an enhanced experience on the different types of kratom strains, you need to scroll down to the place where you will observe the strains are grouped, based on the color of veins. The website also features a dedicated page, where there are a lot of promotional sales.  You need to check this page for some discounts, prior to placing your orders.

An important aspect that the vendor might fall short of is educating its users on matters of kratom. There is a lack of proper description of every item, and those you will find are nothing but disclaimers. They don’t have any blogs, or news section that might help anyone visiting their website with basic information, or updates regarding the strains.

However, for any detailed information regarding kratom, you can access them through the “Useful links” section, and you will be redirected to other websites. But, having all the necessary information below the product you intend to buy, is a way better than switching between different tabs.

Pricing – You might not believe, but the products found at Okie Kratom are shockingly cheap. Unbelievable but true, that you can get a kilo of White Maeng Da, or Red Thai kratom for only $80. Now, that’s ridiculously cheap, and at the same time invokes suspicion.

Not every day you find one kilo of Red Thai, or Maeng Da at such an incredibly low price, as these are priced for about $100. These strains can be found with some of the vendors, at twice the price. This is a matter of concern, and also a mystery that how exactly Okie Kratom manages to provide high-quality kratom strains at a bargain price.

Product line-up – Okie Kratom supplies three different kinds of kratom strains, which are White, Red, and Green Vein. Some of the famous kratom strains available with them include White Sumatra, White Borneo, White JongKong, White Vietnam, White Elephant, Super Red, Red Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Super Green Malay, Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, and many more.

These are only some of the strains, but there are even more products available with this vendor. The benefit of having all the kratom strains under one roof is that you don’t have to look for them on other websites. This vendor has a diverse range of kratom products, along with some new discoveries, which means all your desired strains are available at the same place.

Apart from various kratom strains, Okie Kratom has many CBD products with other botanicals, which include Akuamma Seed 10:1, Akuamma Seed 20:1, and Mulungu 10:1 extract.

Sample packs – For making it easy for users to try the different variants of kratom strain, Okie Kratom has introduced sample packs. Now you can compare the different strains available with the company, and request for a sample package. You will have the liberty to choose from a range of strains provided by the company.

After the selection of the strain, you can order them, and they will be delivered in no time. You can taste the strains, and find out if they are providing the right effects, and after that, you can buy them in bigger quantity.

Shipping & refund policy – This vendor provides the following day shipping on all orders that were placed before 5 pm. You should make the necessary payment within 6 am on the following day, so that your order could be processed, and shipped. The cut-off time on all orders is fixed at 8 pm, only on Thursdays.

If an order is placed after 8 pm, it will be shipped on Monday, and not on Friday, or Saturday. They will ship your consignment to Canada, Spain, Italy, and the US. For any type of return for your orders, you will have to contact the authorities at Okie Kratom.

The decision of whether the return will be accepted or not fully relies on the company, and if they have accepted, you will be let known further through their executives. Any sort of used or unopened items will not be eligible for refunds. The shipping charges have to be borne by the consumer.


Leaving beside some of the drawbacks, Okie Kratom seems to provide good quality kratom strains to its consumers, and that’s why you should give them a try. They have a big catalog, and the prices are very cheap.