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Major Kratom Review: A Complete Guide

Major Kratom: a brief intro

The popularity of kratom has taken over the world by storm with more and more people being attracted to this wonderful herb, and these are used for treating various disorders. There are numerous kratom vendors scattered across the globe, and Major Kratom is one of them, who is believed to supply high-quality kratom strains. Let’s find out more about them in this Major Kratom review.

Major Kratom: An overview

Various reports have indicated that the kratom industry is growing bigger and bigger per year, and that’s because kratom is a beneficial herb. It has been used in treating different medical disorders. The herb has also made its way towards the recreational sector, and people use it to induce euphoria.

With such massive popularity, it’s pretty obvious that many vendors will pop up, and try their luck on this business. At present, there are more than a hundred kratom suppliers. Well, that’s good news, because you will have lots of options to choose from, and also ensures that the prices are kept competitive.

On the other side, not all kratom suppliers have good intentions, and some of them are here to make some money that is being tossed here and there. Hence, it is very important to research thoroughly while dealing with them.

Major Kratom is among those hundreds of kratom vendors out there. The company started its operation in 2010. Therefore, they are considered as one of the oldest players in this industry, and they are still serving. That indicates the company might have no problems regarding the quality of strains, because these days it is seen that many vendors come and goes, due to quality issues.

It is interesting to learn that soon after their foundation, they were nominated in the category of being a great kratom vendor. Back in those days, there weren’t as many suppliers as of today, but their recognition soon after joining the kratom industry, indicates a lot of things.

Website design:

The official website of Major Kratom is not among the best to be found, but still, it manages to be decent enough to perform. When you scroll through the homepage, you will come across the different types of kratom strains available in their stock.

You can select the ‘Shop’ option at the top for accessing a comprehensive list of kratom products available. The news section is where you can find updates regarding everything that relates to kratom. However, for some reason, this section hasn’t been updated for some time.

For a wonderful shopping experience, scroll down a bit, and to the right side, you will find an option for shopping based on the vein color. It is great to know that they have samples that are cheaply priced. That would be beneficial, especially if you want to try the sample first, and then move further later.

When you click on the individual strain, you will come across product description, which covers some information about the strain like where it is from, or its health benefits. That is a wonderful thing as many vendors seem to have missed this important part.

After selecting and adding the products to your cart, you will be redirected towards another website, which goes by the name of Bright Street Tea Company. They act as a consulting company and operates with other tea houses as well.

Hence, you will select and add an item from the Major Kratom website, but those orders will be processed further and shipped by their sister concern company.

Product quality:

It is sad to learn that there is no mention of any quality analysis certificate on the official Major Kratom website, or their sister concern website, the Bright Street Tea Company. Well, that’s a major setback because there are many online stores that have good manufacturing practices, and they publish the lab test results periodically on their websites.

However, without a certificate of analysis and quality assurance, you have to depend on the reviews of various kratom users on different kratom forums. While going through those forums, it has been found out that the reviews were some sort of mixed, which means there are some people who have liked the quality of products, while there are some who were totally disappointed.

The mixed reviews indicate that the product sold by Major Kratom has been of decent quality, and the effects seem to be inconsistent with every user.

Product line-up:

The products found at Major Kratom are just common kratom strains, and there’s nothing amazing about them. Although there are many vendors who have a better product catalog, that doesn’t mean the products at Major Kratom are terrible. They have some of the popular strains such as White Borneo, Red Thai, Red Horn, Green JongKong, Red Kalimantan, Green Elephant, Red Vietnam, Super Green Borneo, and many more.

There are also options for sample tins, where you can find the strains that are available for a discounted price. They are shipped in 22g or 25g packages. Apart from these strains, there are other herbal products such as Calamus Root Powder, Lush Bang Baru, Damiana Leafe Powder, Cats Claw Bark Powder, and Yellow Matahari. This vendor also sells spoon scales and portable digital scales for assisting you in taking accurate doses.


The prices of products at Major Kratom are moderate. You can get 25 grams (0.88 ounces) of Red Vein Borneo for $11.99, which is cheaper than Coastline Kratom, where the same strain is sold for $12.99. However, the same strains cost lower at Kraken Kratom, where one ounce of Red Vein Borneo is sold for just $8.41.

Order placing:

The procedure for placing an order with this vendor is pretty straightforward. Their website has an easy interface, and on top of that, they have a great consumer support service capable of assisting you with all the requirements. They have a Spanish language version for consumers who don’t understand the English language.

This variation in language has helped them to expand their service on a broader spectrum. Anyone who wishes to buy products from them needs to go to their official page, choose the required strain, and follow on with the process to make the purchase. They have the option of multiple payment methods, which include cheques as well.

Shipping & return policy:

For all the local orders, Major Kratom has an efficient home-delivery system, and that has made them one of the preferred kratom vendors for most users. You can get all the orders processed on the same day, leaving out the holidays. The international delivery system of Major Kratom is highly convenient too.

The kratom products are packed in air-sealed containers for ensuring the quality of the strains is maintained until delivery. For all orders above $99.00, there will be shipping charges, but below this threshold, there will be some shipping fees depending on the products. The delivery of the products will take a maximum of 3 days.

The company accepts any kind of return if the items are untampered and unopened. You need to intimate them first, and if you are eligible, you will get a refund or an exchange. The return policy is an important feature, which makes the purchase comfort and confident one for the buyer. It ensures that consumers are happy and satisfied.


The products available at Major Kratom are of the best quality, and it is evident from the reviews of many users. Their consumer service is highly responsive and friendly.