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Kratom Country Review: A Complete Guide

Kratom Country: an overview

With the increase in demand for kratom strains, there has been a rise of many kratom vendors worldwide. However, the problem to find a reliable vendor still persists. A vendor of good repute is, therefore, necessary because the quality of the strains is the foremost thing for kratom enthusiasts.

But that’s not an easy task, as there are over hundreds of vendors who are selling kratom strains that don’t even meet the minimum requirement. Kratom Country is a prominent vendor in the kratom industry. Hence, in this Kratom Country review, you will get an idea of whether you should buy strains from them, or not.

Kratom Country: An overview

Kratom Country is among the few oldest kratom vendors in the market, and they have been in this business since 2010. Operating in the market for such a long time definitely gives them more experience over the changing dynamics of the kratom industry. Such experience also helps them to understand the requirement of the consumers in a better way.

If such is the case, then the company is committed to performing business in a transparent process and will satisfy the needs of the consumer. Kratom Country has a wide variety of kratom products that are available in both powdered, and capsule form. Apart from these, the vendor also sells a range of packs, and kratom leaves.

Such a massive stock will be sufficient to satisfy the needs of the users. Although the vendor started as an exclusive kratom seller, after some time they introduced a few CBD products in their product line-up. CBD products are very popular, and various people have been benefited by the medicinal effects of cannabis.

Why should you buy from them?

Before deciding whether to buy kratom from a particular vendor, it is very important to evaluate the vendor on various aspects. That’s because, even if they are providing the best quality of kratom strains, they might be some other things about their business that might be responsible for a dissatisfied consumer service. Here are some of those aspects.

Quality of products – The major drawback of Kratom Country is the absence of a dedicated space on Quality Assurance. Although, under some products they have mentioned about the lab tests were done, but they haven’t provided any details that relate to the tests, or even with the results.

They haven’t mentioned if you could get the certificate of analysis from the vendor if you want. Keep in mind that whenever you won’t get any lab test results for verifying the authentication of the vendor, the best way to find out the quality of the strains is by going through the reviews of the users in various kratom forums.

It will give you the exact idea about the quality of products. It is sad to know that there isn’t sufficient consumer feedback from which any conclusion could be drawn. It is surprising to know that there are no reviews about the company on different forums, which is suspicious as the company has been in this field for a decade. On the flip side, if the vendor has been around for 10 years and still operating, then it might be assumed that the products are not useless.

Product line-up – A great kratom vendor would understand the needs of the consumer, and provide them with the best of the products. The product lineup at Kratom Country is not much impressive. However, it does contain the popular strains that users demand more.

They also provide a free sample of kratom strains. But for receiving the free sample, you will have to place an order for any of the products. However, you can get just 1 sample per order. The vendor sells kratom strains in both powdered and capsule form.

Some of the strains available with Kratom Country includes Red Indo, Green Malay, Green Maeng Da, Premium Red Bali, Red Premium Thai, Green/Red Bali Blend, green Kali Maeng Da kratom, Green/Red Vietnam Blend, Variety Pack (Bali, Thai, Maeng Da), and so on.

If you are interested in kratom leaves, you can get Bali, Maeng Da, and Thai kratom leaves with this vendor. Consumers who want to buy CBD products can select from a wide range of products found in Kratom Country. These include CBD tincture, CBD sleep capsules, CBD Isolate, CBD coconut lotion, and some others.

Pricing – The prices of products available at Kratom Country are very competitive and affordable. You can get 1 ounce of Red Bali kratom powder for around $9.97, whereas 1 ounce of Green Kali Maeng Da is priced at $17.97. Although the vendor is not the cheapest on the market, the kratom strains are effective.

Remember that cheap kratom strains often indicates that it is of low-grade quality. Hence, if a reputed company is selling a product at a low price, you can definitely buy that product. The prices of products at Kratom Country are reasonable.

Website interface – The website of any company serves as the main gateway to understanding more about a company and its products. Added to that, it must have a friendly-interface so that anyone can find it easy to scroll through the pages. Luckily the official website of Kratom Country is well within your reach.

The page layout is very simple, and you have the ease to find all the products that you need. You can choose from a diverse range of products, which are categorized as powder, capsules, leaves, samples, CBD products, and variety packs. Just click on your desired category, and you will be introduced to the products under them.

The process of finding the right kratom strain through a category search might take some time. Therefore, you can search for a specific item of your choice directly from the top of their homepage, in a section called the search bar. That will be a lot faster than scrolling and finding out.

As stated earlier, there is an absence of thorough product description in almost every item, and so they might consider adding those things in the near future, for a much better experience. There is also a section called FAQ, where there are more information about the company and their working ethics. This section is quite informative.

Shipping & refund policies – The products from Kratom Country are being shipped within the US only. However, for some reasons they don’t ship their items to some of the States, which include IN, VT, AR, RI, LA, WI, and San Diego.

The company provides for free shipping whenever a user buys products from Kratom Country without thresholds or any caps. All the orders placed prior to 3 pm are processed quickly and shipped on that very day.

They have the option of Saturday FedEx deliveries, and FedEx Overnight shipping too. Saturday FedEx shipments are priced at $41.95, whereas for FedEx Overnight shipments, you need to pay $32.95. All the orders must be placed before 2 pm if you want to get them processed, and shipped on that very day.

Kratom Country provides a guarantee of 30-days from the date of receipt. If you are not satisfied with the products, or the products were damaged during transit, you can contact the consumer support team. They will further let you know if you are eligible for a replacement, or a refund.


The lack of quality assurance certificates might be concerning, but Kratom Country has been around for a while now in this industry. Many users are satisfied with their products.