Eden’s Ethnos Review: Is It a Scam?

An introduction to Eden’s Ethnos

There are a lot of reasons for loving kratom, which includes giving peace of mind to people and helping individuals in fighting against chronic conditions. The benefits of using kratom goes a long way from just easing different kinds of pain.

However, the only way to rip those health benefits from the strains is by using pure, and original kratom products. With that being said, it’s pretty impossible to find a good kratom vendor that can provide high-quality kratom strains. This article is based on Eden’s Ethnos review, and here you will get an insight into them.

Eden’s Ethnos: An overview

Just like any other online kratom vendor, Eden’s Ethnos is another vendor that sells kratom products. This vendor is based in San Francisco, and they are believed to have a coalition with the agriculture industry. Since its inception in 2016, they are operating internationally as a retail outlet that provides fresh kratom products.

They were also a member of Trade Key and claims to deliver only the purest and finest kratom strains available. Their products are considered to be expensive when it is compared to other kratom vendors in the market. The kratom products sold by this vendor appears to be different, and they have a wide range of products available.

There are many kratom users who were immensely satisfied with the quality of their kratom products, and these are evident from the various kratom forums, where people have given their positive feedback. The business model of this vendor works very similarly to that of some of the giant online stores. Their consumer service is of the highest quality, and they ensure that all the queries are being resolved.

First impression:

As stated earlier, the range of products available at Eden’s Ethnos is quite different from the regular vendors. Their products give many opportunities to the consumers, and they get to choose from different options, such as Salvia, Kava, Moe, and Ayahuasca.

When someone exceeds their order amount to more than $75, the vendor would arrange for free shipments. It is interesting to learn that the initial mode of payment is through Bitcoin. Through their diverse product line, you can have the option to choose from different kratom products.

The only issue with this vendor seems to be the absence of a website, which makes everything complicated for the users. However, it might be assumed that their website is going through some kind of maintenance, and that’s the reason why it is down.

Product-line of Eden’s Ethnos:

It is a known fact that kratom enthusiasts prefer only high-quality strains, and sometimes the price is not even taken into granted. And, that’s equally important for Eden’s Ethnos, whether their products are reliable enough to give them a try.

To meet the demands of the users, this vendor has a variety of products that includes kratom tea, liquid tinctures, ultra-enhanced strains, 20X pitch, and Golden Reserve. They have other range of products such as Kratom Infusion, White Rabbit Kratom, Captain Amsterdam, and Kratom Therapy.

While dealing with the kratom strains, it is very important to know what a kratom vendor has to offer, so that their diverse range of products can be treated as a trademark. From just advertising on social media pages, one cannot find out any specific information regarding the vendor. For instance, the lab or medical test reports of the kratom products can’t be found out.

On top of that, the vendor is not quoting anything which can relate to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). From observing the way of the package, it can be found out whether a vendor is taking it lightly while handling the products. Well, the good news about their packaging is that their products are quite decent, and have good quality. 


The product page of this vendor has no information about the prices, and that’s a lack of transparency from this vendor. So, how do you know about the price that they demand from the consumers? Having a thorough look at their website, it can be found out that the vendor is doing business with come resellers, and they stock these products.

One of the reseller charges about $22.95 for 30 capsules of a 15 g Bali Kratom bottle, and the same has been priced for Maeng Da capsules as well. This pricing is pretty much standard in comparison with other sellers, though some of them provide a little lower price.

A 65-count bottle of Maeng Da capsules costs around $32.95, whereas a 140-count bottle of Bali Kratom capsules is sold at $65.95. It is seen that many vendors sell 100 capsules as low as $40.00 in wholesale price.

Payment options:

As it is seen that it is not quite clear about their price-list, as they didn’t mention one. But, they claim that there are many payment methods available, as compared to other vendors. From the findings, it is also clear that some of the kratom strains are quite expensive in comparison with the other retailers.

Eden’s Ethnos states to have different paying options for the ease of its user along with the returns, and refunds. However, the lack of a proper price structure might give a negative impression to the consumers. Without a complete website, it will be harder for Eden’s Ethnos to prove everything they ever claimed about themselves.

All their dealings are being done through resellers of other kratom brands, and thus, many things are not clear from those vendors.

Ease of convenience:

When discussing this brand, you can clearly see that the reviews and feedbacks of various kratom users are there to assist you. Similarly, on the other side, you might have some trouble finding the product description, the brand description, or other information regarding dosage.

Although, there might be some serious issues about their website, and that’s why they are down, but people are not having a clear idea about this specific kratom brand. They have effective products, a good consumer service system, and the positive feedback of various users are enough evidence to prove their originality.

They have made their presence on some social media platforms, such as Facebook. While scrolling through the pages, you will come across the opinions of different persons, which reflects the brand’s popularity. However, some mixed reviews can also be seen.

There are many people who consider Eden’s Ethnos as an average kratom seller, and that’s because of the difference in features, along with the absence of a few major aspects. However, the opinions might vary from one person to another depending on the experiences.

Overall verdict:

Because of the contradictory results, many people believe that Eden’s Ethnos has an average brand image. People are having issues regarding their transparency, and the working process of the seller. The consumer reviews seem to be composed of mixed reactions.

Keeping aside these things, if you want to try the best kratom products, then Eden’s Ethnos is probably the place where you should buy. The consumer reviews indicate that the kratom products are true of the highest quality, and provides remarkable effects. They also praised having a good consumer service, with speedy shipping.


Eden’s Ethnos might have a reasonable price for its products, but their business procedures should be improved more, and they must work on to have an online presence. Considering the overall features of this seller, it can be said that they are an average kratom seller.