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Coastline Kratom Review: Why You Should Buy From Them?

Coastline Kratom: how good is this kratom company?

Finding a reputable kratom vendor is very hard in this competitive kratom industry. But don’t worry, if you are thinking of buying strains online, Coastline Kratom might be the ideal place for all your favorite kratom strains.

Among the few trusted kratom vendors, Coastline Kratom is the largest, and the most trusted one that has been catering to the needs of many kratom enthusiasts. Hence, in this Coastline Kratom review, you will know exactly why they are famous, and trusted by many people.

Coastline Kratom: A brief intro

Coastline Kratom is a family-owned business founded in 2015. As stated earlier, this vendor is one of the leading kratom vendors in the market in matters of sales and distribution of the strains. Their mode of operation is pretty much different than the other vendors.

They source their products directly from the areas located in Southeast Asian countries, where the plant is grown in abundance. Coastline Kratom takes necessary measures so that the quality of the kratom strains is not compromised, and its users can achieve the effects that they have wished for.

Quality of products:

Among a handful of trusted kratom vendors, Coastline Kratom is considered to provide the best of the strains at an affordable price. But is it true? Considering the fact that they have the highest quality of strains available, you might be surprised that they haven’t given any information about the lab test results conducted by third-party agencies.

Well, that’s a major disadvantage, because most of the transparent vendors should have the certificate of analysis, along with cGMP practices published on their websites for people who are willing to have a look. Hence, to find out the truth about the quality of products, you will have to browse through different kratom forums.

Luckily, almost every user has praised Coastline Kratom about its quality, and they were extremely satisfied. The reviews are positive, and people are impressed with the effects that are derived from their strains. The lack of a certificate of analysis and lab tests now seems to be filled up by the positive reviews from the consumers. However, not all the reviews were positive.

There are some negative reviews, which might be considered natural because 100% positive feedback doesn’t seem to be realistic. In any case, if you find the negative reviews outgrows the positive ones, you can be sure that something fishy is going on. The positive feedback of Coastline Kratom is indeed overwhelming.

Product line:

Coastline Kratom has about thirteen different variants of kratom strains for its users. It might not appear to be an extensive product line-up, but somehow they have managed to include the popular kratom strains used by many people in this group.

The strains that you can purchase from Coastline Kratom include Red Bali, White Bali, Red Horned, ultra-enhanced Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, and so on. A few of the common strains are missing in this lot including White Borneo, Red Malay, Green Maeng Da, and a few Indo kratom strains. You can buy the kratom strains in packs also.

Apart from the beginner’s pack, there are some other packs of different colors, such as Red Vein Pack in which you get Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red horn, and Red Borneo kratom strains. These special packs are often sold at a discounted price.


The products sold at Coastline Kratom are a bit higher. It has been seen in many kratom forums that people are complaining about their prices, and it is understandable though as you need to spend $22.99 for having 25 grams of strains.

On the other side, you can obviously opt for cheap products, but the results won’t be satisfying, and you will be exposed to the adverse effects that the compound might cause. The issue with the price is solely dependent on the buyer. But, when you are in extreme pain and want immediate relaxing effects for a long time, then the cheap products might not provide you with the results.

However, there is nothing to worry about if the prices are a bit higher at Coastline Kratom, you can always choose a vendor that sells products at a lower price. There are some vendors who provide high-quality strains at a reasonable price, and you can easily locate them after thorough research.

Website interface:

The official website of Coastline Kratom is designed for having a great experience. The products are grouped according to the different types of kratom strains, and there will be no wastage of time by scrolling through unnecessary strains of less interest.

For instance, selecting the Maeng Da kratom strain will give you all the different color types of this particular strain available with the vendor. Hence, for this selection, you will get, White Vein, Red Vein, and Ultra-enhanced Vein. Finding your favorite color is just a matter of seconds, or you could even try the search option for faster results.

Apart from the customization and layout, there are some other things that you need to know about their website. When you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you will observe a section called the “Important Links”. Once you click on this link, you will get directed towards pages that have many blogs discussing everything related to kratom.

The subjects circling around kratom like its history, usage, effects, and many other informative things have been discussed on those blogs. Other than the blog posts, it is worthy enough to mention the product review that has been included below each strain. Just click on the strain, and you will get an in-depth review of that product.

The website has provided with all the important things about kratom, and the results of the effects. They have also given some information about the dosage of various strains. These things are completely absent on other websites, and this proves the transparency of this vendor.

The website of Coastline Kratom is the most comprehensive one that can ever be found. The user interface is very easy to use, and a friendly one with more educational and informative articles scattered all around.

Shipping & return policy:

The company provides USPS First Class free shipping to all the orders that are processed within the same day. Coastline Kratom only ships through USPS First Class, and hence you cannot choose another form of the option even if you want to pay more.

The company ships domestic, as well as international orders. But due to certain regulations in some areas, they don’t ship in those regions. These include Indiana, Alabama, Washington, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Arkansas, San Diego, Union County, and others. They don’t ship to some countries such as Denmark, Finland, Australia, Malaysia, Burma, Sweden, Thailand, and some other countries where the herb is prohibited.

Although this vendor accepts returns, they don’t provide any specific time as to when it should be done. The consumer has to bear the entire liability of the shipping charges incurred while returning the item.

Once the item has reached the company, the procedure for the refund begins. Coastline Kratom will refund you in the same way you have done to them while making the payment for the purchase. Most of the refunds are cleared within a few hours after receiving the item.


There is no doubt that the products of Coastline Kratom are costlier, but they are reported to be effective as well. Remember that cheap quality strains might not produce the desired effect.