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Kratom Syndicate Review: Is It Safe To Buy Products From Them?

Kratom Syndicate: an overview

There are many kratom vendors that sell different kinds of products, and some of them have great quality strains. Therefore, it is a daunting task to find out the best vendor that can fulfill your needs. If you consider yourself in such a position, there is nothing to worry about it.

Kratom Syndicate is a well-known, and trusted kratom vendor that deals in a wide variety of strains. You can even get kratom alternatives from this vendor, in case if you are interested in them. When you are buying kratom strains online, it is very important to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable one.

In this Kratom Syndicate review, you will get to know more about this online vendor, which will make things easy for you.

Kratom Syndicate: An overview

The name, ‘Kratom Syndicate’ might sound like some cartel that is involved in illegal business, but in reality, it is something else. The Kratom Syndicate is a kratom vendor that claims to deal with rich-quality kratom strains, that is available at an affordable price. Although there is no doubt about their prices for the different products, the quality factor is a bit tricky subject.

Kratom Syndicate has some of the best prices on the market, and that makes them a perfect choice for individuals who are operating on tight budgets. However, it should be borne in mind that price will be secondary, and quality will be the first when you are using kratom. For instance, it is useless to pay about $5 for buying Maeng Da Kratom, and finding out that it is not as powerful as expected.

Hence, it is very important to consider the quality of kratom first, prior to exploring the prices. Kratom Syndicate states that they sell only high-quality kratom strains, but if you research a bit about them, you will find out their products are of average standard.

The research is based on the reviews of various kratom users, who have taken different types of strains from them. Some users reported that they hardly got to feel any effects, whereas some others held such a negative impact that the vendor was compelled to defend their place. Now that’s a profile you don’t want from a vendor.

On the flip side, the products found at Kratom Syndicate are not that bad, and it is evident from the fact that many users have reported their positive experiences with the strains. However, it might be concluded that the products offered by them seem to be average, and nothing special.

It will be difficult to find out whether your experience with the products bought from Kratom Syndicate will be perfect. There are some factors that affect the overall result when you use the strains. But it can be assured that the chances of having bad quality kratom is very low rather than having a decent one.

The fact that every store maintains its own standard, and sticks to it regardless of what some people are saying, is very true. Since Kratom Syndicate is one of the vendors that sell kratom products at an affordable price, the vendor attracts a definite number of kratom users.

What kind of products are found in Kratom Syndicate?

Kratom Syndicate is one of the best online kratom vendors that have a wide selection of product range. They provide different variants of kratom powders, capsules, leaves, and extracts that suits your needs, and ultimately makes it a great online store for many people. You will get all the popular kratom strains at a relatively cheaper price compared to other vendors.

The different types of kratom products found in Kratom Syndicate include Super Indo, Malay, JongKong, Kapuas, Super Maeng Da, and so on. This vendor hooks you up with some of the other products, or blends such as Holly Cow Blend, Hippie Blend, TKS Elite MD, Panther, Signature Series Elite MD, and Turmeric Extract Curcumin.

Also, you can get hold of the special blend, which is known as Mixed Vein MD. If you are looking for any kratom extracts, you might get them as well, such as 100X Nashville Kratom extract. Some of the bestsellers that are available with this vendor include Panther Blend and the Holly Cow Blend.

The extracts that are found on the Kratom Syndicate, are only available in capsule form, which makes it more convenient for a certain type of people. All the extracts consist of 100% pure kratom, hence you can get quality kratom strains from this vendor. Other accessories that Kratom Syndicate sells, includes kratom bottles, and bags. You can buy CBD oils from them too.

It is great to learn that for new kratom users, Kratom Syndicate has complied with a sample pack, wherein there are 5 different kratom strains, and these are available for only $39.99. Either you can select the 5 kratom strains from a list of selected products by yourself, or you can allow them to pick the products for you.

Pricing of kratom products:

Kratom Syndicate has earned the status of being the best-priced kratom vendors, and all its products are available at a competitive price. For example, this vendor sells 2 ounces of kratom at about $20, which is the average dose of almost every person.

When you compare this offering with other online kratom vendors, you will find that most of them will give you the same quantity of strains for over $20. The pricing will be further increased when you will compare the quality of strains found in Kratom Syndicate, with other online kratom vendors.

Here you can get the opportunity to buy a single kilo of kratom strains for about $140. Although, this price is competitive in the market, but not considered the best. However, you can get other herbal powders, and rich-quality kratom extracts in bulk.

It is suggested to try with samples, or place a small order before you consider buying the strains in bulk. The users who are frequently buying strains from them are entitled to receiving promo, and coupon codes. With these codes, you can avail discounts for up to 10%. They had introduced a loyalty program, which helps regular consumers to get better deals.

Payment methods:

The only kratom vendor which gives you the opportunity to pay with over 10 different payment methods, is perhaps Kratom Syndicate. This might seem like a fairytale, but you have heard it right, that Kratom Syndicate has multiple paying options.

On top of that, they even encourage the buyers to use some of the friendly paying options by attaching certain discounts on them. You can have the liberty to pay through e-check, credit cards, Western Union, G-Pay, cash on delivery, Money Order, Cash in Mail, Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle, Pop Money, and Circle Pay.


As of now, this vendor ships to different parts of the US only. All orders above $50 will attract free shipping. In general, the shipping of the items is being carried out in 2 days from the payment date.

Customer support:

For any queries, you may contact Kratom Syndicate between 9 am and 5 pm through email, or the phone. They will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your mails.


The quality of strains in Kratom Syndicate might not be the best, but you can have them at an affordable price. You can make a small purchase, and then work out for a bigger purchase.