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Everything You Need To Know About Yellow Kratom

An introduction to Yellow Kratom

You might have probably come across the term ‘yellow kratom’ while you were browsing the internet. It is confusing because you have believed that there were only three types of kratom strains. So you must be wondering that from where the yellow kratom has evolved.

Most kratom users aren’t aware of the fact that yellow kratom is the rarest of the strains, and it is increasingly becoming popular. In this article, you will learn more about this herb including its effects, dosage, and side effects.

What’s actually is yellow kratom?

There is a debate going rounds, and lots of speculation regarding the origins of this unique kind of strain. Kratom harvesters and farmers aren’t interested in sharing the secrets of they produce this plant. It is quite understandable though because it is unlikely that anyone might spill the secrets of such a life-changing supplement that has various health benefits.

There are many theories surrounding this particular kratom strain. Some theory states the leaves are plucked at a later stage of life, and that’s why the leaves are yellow in color. Some other states that the yellow strains are nothing but the real blends of the primary kratom strains. Some other suggests that they are blends which have been fermented. Although, in some cases, that might be actually true.

However, the most common theory about the yellow strains is because of the unique drying process. That implies any of the three types of kratom can be transformed into yellow vein kratom. When the red vein kratom leaves are dried for a much longer duration than usual, the color changes.

Another way is to dry the white or green vein kratom strains directly under the sun, in spite of drying indoors. The dried leaves may be fermented later. These procedures would result in the yellow color, and there would be a change in its alkaloid properties as usual.

Different types of yellow kratom and their specific effects:

Since yellow vein is the newest addition to other types of kratom strains, vendors showcase them as a limited choice, because these can’t be found in abundance, and not available to all vendors. Here are the different variants of this unique strain.

Yellow Borneo Kratom – This kind of strain is originated from the White, Red, or Green Borneo kratom strains. The effects of this strain are pretty much similar to that of the Green Borneo. It’s euphoric and stimulating, but do inherit pain-relieving properties. Many users of this strain have reported feeling more motivated and positive.

Yellow Bali Kratom – It is derived from the White or Green Bali leaves. This kratom strain provides sedating effects but has less strength than the one found in Red Bali strains. It also provides stimulating effects, but won’t give you much boost like the White Bali strains. As per some users, mood enhancement is one of its strongest qualities.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom – This kratom strain is the rarest of the yellow kratom, because of the scarcity of kratom trees found in Sumatra. Yellow Sumatra strains provide energizing and euphoric effects. This kratom strain helps in boosting the mood, and overall well-being of both the mind and body. Several users of this strain have reported feelings about increased energy, reduced stress levels, and lowered mood swings.

Yellow Malay Kratom – This yellow strain delivers moderate pain-relieving effects that many users have described as subtle. These yellow strains can give you energizing and stimulating effects too. But they act slowly and has less potency compared to the Green or White Malay Veins. By using this yellow kratom, you will become more creative and gradually increase your productivity. You will be more relaxed soon after the effects start to wear off.

Yellow Indo Kratom – This kratom strain provides mild stimulating effects along with a strong feeling of euphoria. The strain helps in relieving acute pain, but it will vary from person to person. This yellow strain has the most long-lasting effect than most of the kratom strains. Many users have reported about its aroma, which is a way better than other kratom strains.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom – This strain is new on the list because of its recent addition. This strain has its origin in Vietnam, mostly in the forests that grow around the Mekong Delta. This area is perfect for the kratom trees, as it has nutrient-dense soil and hot humidity levels. Because of this, the Yellow Vietnam strains have 20% to 25% high alkaloids than other popular strains available.

The effects of this strain are the same as that of Maeng Da and Red Vietnam but have more euphoric and stimulating effects. The yellow strains relieve anxiety and provide physical relaxation. Various users have said they have a clear thought process and felt more motivated. The effects of this strain are also long-lasting.

Benefits of using the yellow kratom

Yellow strains are believed to produce effects that are the same as that of Green kratom strains, and the effects are long-lasting too. Some of the benefits that you can get by using the yellow strain include, improved mod, cheerfulness, stress relief, pain relief, increased energy, motivation, anxiety relief, and improved concentration.

As it is a known fact that yellow strains are stimulating, hence it is recommended that you take the strain early in the morning. The strain will help you to remain focused, energized, and perform your activities with full throttle without any stress or anxiety.

The yellow strain is highly recommended for new kratom users who haven’t used White kratom strains earlier. The reason behind this is its stimulating effect, with less overwhelming unlike the potent White Kratom. It is very important to take the yellow strain in the morning if you want to set a positive frame of mind to conquer all the necessary tasks throughout the entire day without getting exhausted.

As mentioned earlier, it works wonder for relieving anxiety and stress, which means that you will get benefited from this strain if you are suffering from depression for some time. However, it should be taken into consideration that the effects of kratom will vary from one person to another.

Some other factors will play their role in achieving the overall result as usual. That includes your body weight, age, body chemistry, place of origin of the strain, and the manufacturing process of the products.

Yellow Kratom and its recommended dosage

So far as the accurate dosage of yellow strain is concerned, there is no perfect answer. There are many factors that will determine the dosage, and the result derived from the strains. It is suggested to start with a lower dosage and stick to that.

The yellow strain has the ability to induce positive psychological changes, and gradually your ability to execute strenuous tasks will improve. The exact dosage for the yellow strain will rely upon your situation, and if necessary you can increase your dose a little bit.

It is recommended to take a lower or moderate dosage of the strains in the beginning. Strictly avoid taking the strain at a higher dose, because that will prove fatal, and cause significant harm to your body and mind. To harness the positive effects of the yellow kratom, a dose between 2 to 5 grams will be sufficient.


Yellow kratom is new in the market, and extremely popular. Hence, to find the best quality, purchase it from a reliable kratom vendor, or you can start with some samples and then you can buy in bulk.