kratom and phenibut

Is The Combination Of Kratom And Phenibut Safe?

Mixing kratom and phenibut is something that has attracted lots of attention, and being used by many people to experience a great sensation. The combination of these two substances has brought a feeling of well-being, and smooth confidence, which is unbeatable. Some people have even described a ‘God-like’ feeling after using it.

So, how to use kratom and phenibut? In this guide, you will be able to get an insight into everything that is being related to its usage, effects, and benefits of using this combination.

Is it safe to mix kratom and phenibut?

The combination of phenibut and kratom is mostly safe. But it should be kept in mind not to use this mixer at higher doses. A high dosage of this combination will make you tolerant of the drug, and you could end up being an addict.

When you take a lower or a moderate dosage of this combination, it is safe. However, it is not recommended to use phenibut on a regular basis with or without mixing it with kratom. There is another important thing you need to remember while taking this combination.

The combination could have harmful negative effects when suddenly out of the blue you tend to stop using it. When such a scene arises, you might experience withdrawal symptoms alongside a few other side effects. Keep in mind not to use this mixer more than 3 times in a week.

Things to consider before using the combination:

It is strictly recommended not to use the combination of kratom and phenibut for all the seven days in a week. You should take this mixture in not more than three times per week for avoiding tolerance and addiction.

To get the most out of this combination and enjoy amazing benefits, you must stick to the amount of consumption. It is suggested to take a break of 2 to 3 days a week for avoiding addiction. It might be even better if you use this combination for 2 weeks, and then pause for the next 2 weeks.

By doing so, you can use this combination at a gap of two weeks. As a result, the tolerance level will be restricted because of the gapping, and everything will be safe.

How to use kratom and Phenibut:

For enjoying the amazing effects of kratom and phenibut, you need to take an appropriate dosage. As usual, if you are a beginner, you should start with a low dose. A low dose of 1 to 2 grams kratom and phenibut of about 500 milligrams might be considered as a small dose. Such smaller doses can give you a euphoric feeling, and make your analgesic.

When you take a medium dose of 2 to 5 grams kratom, and 500 to 1500 milligrams phenibut together, it is considered as a moderate dosage. If you want calming and soothing effects, a moderate dose will serve you the best.

The effects will tend to last for a prolonged time because phenibut elevates the outcome of kratom. A medium dose of this combination would make you feel more ecstatic and enthusiastic. In addition, the stimulating effects will make you forget all your worries.

A high dose of around 5 to 10 grams kratom and over 2500 milligrams of phenibut together is considered as a higher dosage. After taking such a dose, you will experience a high level of sedating effects, which might compel you to take a deep sleep.

Such higher doses are extremely risky because you might experience vomiting and nausea. It is an important thing to keep in your mind that kratom and phenibut are extremely addictive in nature, and the more you use them, the more your body will get tolerant of them. Hence, be very careful when choosing your dose.

Effects of using kratom and phenibut:

Kratom and phenibut aim at different receptors present in your body. Kratom aims at several opioid receptors, whereas phenibut aims at the GABA-b receptors in small and moderate doses, and GABA-a receptors at higher doses.

The combination of kratom and phenibut produces some unique effects that result in synergy, which is enjoyed by many people. Phenibut creates a loss of anxiety, increases focus, enhances cognitive functions, and improving confidence.

Kratom has the ability to give such effects too, just like the Red Vein Kratom, which gives similar results when used at a lower dosage. When White Kratom and phenibut are taken together, they create an ultra-euphoric sensation that will set you riding high.

Using Red kratom in place of the White strains will result in a much smoother effect, where the loss of anxiety and focus will be supplemented by a feeling of being chilled-out, along with sedation, and strong analgesia. Such types of effects are only derived by using the Red kratom strains.

So, these are the effects of using kratom and phenibut together in a lower and moderate dosage. This combination helps to create a lack of anxiety, focus, and the desire to move outside to do various stuff, and to get the feeling of being ‘chilled-out’.

Although the effects of taking both phenibut and kratom aren’t discussed here, some people have reported the results might be near to using heroin, excluding the issues that they use to bring.

Kratom and phenibut combination side effects:

Remember that when you are using both kratom and phenibut, you are under the threat of the two drugs, which might lead you towards tolerance and dependence. If phenibut potentiates kratom, your dependency and tolerance on kratom will be elevated.

Moreover, the dependency on phenibut is serious and can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Hence, it is recommended that while taking the combination of these two substances, never use phenibut on a daily basis.

It’s better to take 2 to 3 days off per week, or otherwise go on for a cycling period of 2 weeks ‘on’ and the consequent period of 2 weeks ‘off’. You will not get a hangover when you would be using phenibut like the kratom. But you will experience a thing called ‘afterglow’ after using phenibut.

Some users have reported that by using the combination of phenibut and kratom they experienced a slight numbness along with limb pain after a few hours of sleep. Whereas some other users have claimed erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

A few of the users also reported feeling side effects such as grogginess, when they were using this combination for some time. The users also complained about some side effects, which include constipation, less ability to focus, and blurred vision.

Some users have also complained that soon after they stop using this combination, they were suffering from sleeping disorders and insomnia. While some others have reported serious side effects such as severe dizziness, memory retention problems, vomiting, nausea, and the development of delusional and psychosis state.

Kratom and phenibut combination for depression:

The combination of these two substances generates potential sedating effects which can be helpful for a person suffering from depression. The sedating effects will improve the mood, and gradually increase the feeling of happiness. The person will feel relaxed without any anxiety or depression, and hence they will feel better.


The combination of kratom and phenibut is extremely addictive, and powerful as well. You need to be careful while taking the higher dose for avoiding unpleasing moments. Also, don’t use this combination on a regular basis, because your body will be tolerant towards it, and can lead you to addiction.