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Canopy Kratom Review: Things You Need To Know About

Canopy Kratom : an overview

Kratom products are getting lots of attention since the last few years, and because of the many health benefits, people are attracted to this herb day by day. The vendors have taken the opportunity to meet the increasing demand by supplying various range of kratom products.

In this highly competitive kratom market, it is quite difficult to find a reliable vendor. Canopy Kratom or Canopy Botanicals is a vendor that sells quality kratom that will definitely meet your requirements. Continue reading this Canopy Kratom review for a better understanding of this kratom vendor.

Canopy Kratom is an online vendor that has one of the finest lines of products that is rarely seen on any other vendor selling organic products. Although Canopy Kratom is famous for a few reasons, the biggest one among them is their affordable pricing on all products.

But the mystery lies that how they manage to sell their products at a much discounted price. One possible reason might be the fact that the company itself supplies the raw materials, and makes the final products. Whenever you find a vendor offering a lower price, you always wonder whether the quality of products will be fine.

If you go through some of the consumer forums from various botanical vendor websites, you will notice the user reviews are average. That means some people are satisfied with the products while some others are totally disappointed. You will find it surprising, but Canopy Kratom falls into this category.

The products found in Canopy Kratom are somewhat of an average quality that is good enough for getting the desired results, but they are not of the highest standards. Hence, if you want to give a try by purchasing from them, you should keep your expectations low.

You might be one of the buyers who will be satisfied with their products, but there are chances that you might have some bitter experience.

Quality of products at Canopy Kratom:

The quality of products found at Canopy Kratom is quite good. As discussed earlier, since almost every product comes at a cheap price, you should not expect great quality. Most of the buyer is satisfied with their product’s quality. The overall quality plays a major role in deciding the effectiveness of the product.

Canopy Kratom has been taking the necessary step to ensure that all the products should be of the greatest quality, and meet the needs of its consumers. All the products are carefully scrutinized and undergo many quality check-ups from harvesting to the final product. Consumers are assured of getting a great quality product when they will be placing their orders online.

Products sold by Canopy Kratom:

Canopy Kratom has a wide range of various natural and herbal products. All the products are discussed below in detail.

Kratom strains – There are many types of kratom strains available with this vendor. This includes Red Maeng Da kratom, Bali kratom, Green Maeng Da kratom, Green Malay kratom, and kratom capsules. Furthermore, they have very limited stocks of Gold Maeng Da and Cherry Enhanced Maeng Da kratom strains.

The Gold Maeng Da kratom has gained popularity because it helps in relieving back pain, and fatigue. Also, these particular strains have analgesic and euphoric properties.

Tea – One of the popular beverages in the world is tea, and it is being consumed by lots of people. With the advent of modern technology, different manufacturers are making tea by extracting the leaves, bark, roots, etc. of the plant. Tea provides energizes and it is also used for other medical purposes.

Canopy Kratom has a wide variety of tea that offers different flavors for soothing everyone’s needs. The variety includes Sencha Green, Rose Black, Chamomile Flowers, Earl Grey Tea, Ambrosia Tea, Chai Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Oolong Tea, Damiana Leafe Tea, Spearmint, and Yerba Mate.

Other than providing you with a wide range of tea products, Canopy Kratom will offer you some excellent tea-making utensils. The Tea Ball is one such utensil. You can prepare great loose-leaf tea with it, and the utensil is also reusable.

Another great utensil is the Peach Passion Tea, which is used in making an excellent black tea. Now you can have the ease to sit back and know that the tea will be ready in a few minutes. By using this utensil, you can get both iced and hot tea. The Spearmint Leaf serves best when preparing tea, and using it as body care products.

Salts and spices – Some of the essential sea salts are also found in Canopy Kratom, which is rich in important nutrients that help in improving your overall health. These sea salts are natural and not produced artificially, which means that all the nutrients required by your body will be intact. Sea salts are used as flavors in various foods and drinks.

You know, to improve the taste of your food spices need to be added. Eating with spices and seasoning is a great way to enhance your appetite for food. Canopy Kratom sells salts and spices such as cayenne powder, Akuamma whole seeds, peppercorn blends, and Applewood sea salt.

Handmade soaps – Canopy Kratom offers a variety of soaps that are made from 100% natural ingredients. The soaps have a soft aroma, and the smoothing effect casts a great impact on your skin. They are linked with different health benefits.

This vendor supplies a soap that is made with activated charcoal and peppermint tea tree. As per research, this soap is excellent for fighting acne. The soap Banana Berry Almond can boost the skin cells by increasing its ability to fight oxidants.

Some of the homemade soaps available with this vendor include Brown Sugar Fig, Honey Almond, Pear Redwood, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Oatmeal Lavender, and Patchouli Sandalwood.

Payment methods:

As of now, Canopy Kratom accepts e-checks and cryptocurrencies for every product they sell online. However, they are planning to introduce and make use of other standardized modes of payment shortly.

Offers and promotions:

Some of the best offers include free shipping and coupons. In almost every product from this vendor, you can avail of a discount of around 10%. Products that have no discounts or offers comes at an affordable price compared to other online vendors.

Packaging and shipping:

The products are packaged carefully to ensure that consumers can receive them without damages. The packages are tear-resistant that provides security while shipping. Products that are ordered by the consumers are delivered within a short span of time.

A maximum of 2 days is required by the product to reach the consumer’s hand, but in rare conditions, it may take some more time depending on how far the consumer is located. The shipping cost is included in the product itself.

Return policy and customer service:

The refund policy of the company only allows you to return the damaged products, which must not be opened, and within 14 days from the purchasing date. For any issues, you may contact the vendor through email or just chatting with them over the telephone. Or, you can send them a message through their website in the ’Contact Us’ option.


Canopy Kratom has numerous products that you can choose from. It is a good idea to start with small orders, and if you are satisfied then you may consider having a long-term relationship with this vendor.