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An Ultimate Guide to Smoking Kratom in 2020

Smoking Kratom: the complete tutorial

If you are wondering about smoking kratom strains for its therapeutic and recreational activities, you might consider some things first before making the move. Kratom leaves are being used either as a stimulant or a pain reliever.

Those who have been benefited by this herb take them orally, or through capsule form. Therefore, what might be the issue if it is used for smoking?

This guide will shed some light on smoking kratom, especially for the new users who are drawing their attention more on this plant.

Different ways of using kratom:

People used to chew kratom leaves originally before it was transformed into anything, and the effects were noticeable enough. Considering that they are leaves, you can even make tea with them, although it takes much preparing. These days the kratom leaves are hard to find because most vendors prefer to make kratom powder or extract capsule out of them.

Kratom capsules are the most effective way to intake the substance as they are easy to carry and available in specific doses. The kratom powder is equally effective and popular, but it tastes bitter until you mix it with other things such as juice, or coffee.

Apart from these ways of taking kratom, many users have raised their concern whether it can be smoked or not. There is a lot of thesis around this subject with doubts and uncertainties encircling this concept.

Possibilities of smoking kratom:

Smoking might be one of the ways to take this herb, which is not being agreed upon by many users. The fact that the leaf can be simply burned and used, a handful of people have actually tried this concept to find out whether smoking kratom works or not.

However, there are some reports about smoking the leaves by the people living in that region because of its abundance, but it has also been pointed out that the results might not be as effective as the essential ingredients get burned up before producing any effect.

Hence, to get the desired effect, the dosage should be much higher. For instance, to have an equivalent result of an average dose, you might need at least 25 to 30 grams of leaves. Not only this, but the results will also vary from person to person.

Hence, to have the desired effect of smoking, you will need more kratom. It is possible to smoke rather than simply chewing the leaves, although the end result will be the same. It’s still unknown whether there might be significant differences, but they will give the same effects.

Why will you smoke kratom?

Although smoking will have less effective results, it is a great way of dealing with drug habits and addiction that causes serious harm to the body. Because smoking the kratom leaves will have no remarkable side effects, it can be the best replacement for any kind of smoked substance, including a standard tobacco cigarette.

Another positive aspect of smoking is that it is free from chemicals that might lead to addiction. Its soothing effects are completely natural, as it doesn’t contain addictive properties. It affects your brain’s receptors pretty similar to that of opioids, but they carry less risk and don’t bring the same health issues.

Kratom has the ability to reduce both physical and mental pain and acts as a mood enhancer and a confidence booster while soothing joint pains and making you more relaxed. Taking the herb at a higher dose can take your depression and anxiety away, without any side effects that other medications are not capable of doing.

What are the reasons for not smoking it?

The first thing you need to know before smoking is that you will need more kratom leaves than any other form of taking it. While smoking, you will need more leaves to get the desired result. Hence it will be expensive, and cost you more money for a prolonged time. Also, there is a chance of getting other substances mixed with the powder, which might hamper you when taken in large amounts.

There will be some issues regarding its storage because you will need plenty of space to store them when you will not be using them. If you are living in an area that is not open about using recreational drugs, you will definitely need some dedicated space to store them so that they remain hidden.

Because of the low effectiveness, you will need to carry a good amount anywhere compared to the normal methods of taking the powder. You will have to carry extra things as well, such as a lighter or matches and the thing on which it has to be burnt. Therefore, it is less portable especially if you want to use it on the go.

Burning the leaves creates a lot of smoke, which makes it unfavorable for use in closed spaces. Even in a place where people are using other drugs, you might be told to use it outside so that the smoke doesn’t bother anyone.

There are some studies that suggest smoking kratom creates more health hazards than the traditional way of taking it, because of the high tar content in the leaves which might affect only if inhaled. There might be some problems relating to respiratory. However, all these problems are not so fatal and less dangerous than other smoking substances.

How do users review about kratom smoking?

A lot of users from different forums have shared their insight on kratom smoking, and many of them are not supporting smoking as a practical way of using kratom. Such thinking might be the outcome of the similar things they had experienced in the past and probably didn’t feel good enough.

Few users who have shared their experience after smoking indicated that it was far less effective, and wastage of kratom. Even some users who have grown them at their home, aren’t supporting either. Some people have opined that the high content of tar and the probability of damaging the lungs are the main reasons that the product is banned in many countries, or regulated.

Apart from all these reviews, some users even claim that smoking can have effects like discomfort or headaches, although there might be some other factor such as the ventilation of the room, or some other cause. In general, many kratom users have agreed that smoking is enjoyable and less convenient than other methods, but they prefer to stay with conventional methods, rather than smoking it.

Is kratom smoking worth it?

It can be concluded that it does not matter whether you piled up kratom leaves or have a great stock of powder, but for many people, kratom smoking is almost a bad idea. It takes a larger dose and longer time for effectiveness, is not at all convenient, and the health risks associated, only makes smoking a less safe option in the nearby future.

The real use of smoking might be reflected in the way of reducing addictions from cigarettes, or other smoking substances because it is relatively safer than them. However, the risks involved in the damage of the respiratory system and lungs remain the same.


There are some people who smoke kratom despite thinking about health effects. In general, it might be fine when it is done occasionally considering the right amounts. Remember that smoking doesn’t have a good result on the overall health in the long run.