kratom tincture

A Complete Guide on Kratom Tincture

The beginner’s guide to kratom tincture

For several centuries, even more, people across the world have been making tinctures from various herbs so as to achieve the desired effect. The main reason underlying is the ability of a tincture to concentrate the potentiality of the herb and make use of it in an effective and convenient way.

This guide will provide you with useful information about kratom tincture, and how you can create your own at home.

What exactly is kratom tincture?

Typically a tincture if created when some organic compounds are mixed with alcohol to make a liquid. The alkaloids which are found in the organic compounds are kept intact by alcohol during the ongoing extraction process.

When making kratom tinctures, the most preferred form of alcohol to be used is ethanol. It consists of 75% water and 25% alcohol. Kratom tinctures are generally made up of kratom in its organic form which is both intact and concentrated. That’s why kratom tincture is very powerful when prepared with accuracy.

Variety of kratom tinctures:

A variety of kratom tinctures can be obtained depending on each of the methods used for extracting and isolating the alkaloids. Just like any kratom extract, the easiest and most common way of creating tincture is by extracting a full spectrum, consisting of all the alkaloids of the kratom leaves.

Other varieties of kratom tincture might try to leave the specific alkaloids like 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The ultimate success of creating the best tinctures depends upon the individual who is making them. If these alkaloids isolates, then it would be costly to create them. The ideal place to start with tinctures is the one with the full spectrum.

Procedures for making a kratom tincture:

It is a known fact that the popularity of kratom has led a rush of online vendors, which have prompted various manufacturers to create different forms of the herb so that it can be comfortable to the kratom users. Kratom is available in different forms such as capsules, powder, resin, extracts, and gum.

Kratom tinctures are a relatively new product in the market and getting praised by many users because of the increased concentration even at lower doses that lasts for a long time. Kratom tinctures are available for purchase, and many users are willing to buy them.

Because of the high price involved in this product, it casts a barrier between the users and the sellers. Hence, to make things a little better, you can learn about how to prepare your own tincture. To derive the potentiality of kratom tinctures, you need to get the right process.

The good thing about the whole process is that it is pretty easy, and you need to have all the ingredients necessary for making a great extract. Here are the things that will be required in the process.

  • 80 to 100 proof ethanol
  • pH strips
  • citric acid
  • tincture bottle
  • a mason jar
  • a strainer, or a cheesecloth

Choosing the right kratom strain – The first and foremost important thing is to choose the right kratom strain. Only the selected strain will decide about the potentiality of the final product, and the overall effect the product can deliver. Hence, it is very important to get the strain right with the highest quality.

The selection of the correct kratom strain will depend much on your specific requirement. You can choose a strain that can deliver some particular effects only that you are searching for rather than deciding on a strain that delivers vast effects.

After making the selection, make sure that you get a minimum of 5 ounces of the strain. This quantity is enough for making a considerable and sizable tincture, but in case you want more tinctures, you can increase the quantity. You can also opt for the raw form of kratom, or stick with the powdered one. It greatly depends on your choice which form of kratom strains might suit for your needs.

Blending the ingredients – Take the Mason jar and put the recommended quantity of powdered kratom in it. Then add around 80 to 100 proof ethanol to the jar, and churn the mixture well until they are completely merged. One of the common complications that people face while mixing the solution is the correct amount of ethanol and powdered strain.

It is suggested to use 4 ounces of kratom powder with 1 liter of ethanol. You can make use of this ratio for adjusting the quantity of ethanol and kratom for making tinctures in large quantities.

Acidification – This is the process where the mixture of kratom powder and ethanol are acidified with the help of citric acid. Now take this acid, and start adding it to the Mason jar slowly which contains the ethanol and kratom solution. When you are adding the acid to the mixture, make use of the pH strips.

The pH strips will help you in monitoring the right pH levels in the mixture. When the pH level hits 4, then it’s time to stop adding the acid to the mixture. With the help of acidification, the alkaloids present in the kratom will turn into salts, which will be much easy to extract.

The final solution soon after the acidification process would taste a little bit sour. The bitter taste of the final solution will help you in determining the pH level instead of using the pH strips for measurement.

Intensification – In this step, the potency of the final solution is increased. The process involves properly sealing the Mason jar which contains the acidified solution, and shake it vigorously. Store the entire jar in a cold area for a minimum of 1 week. Keep in mind that the jar shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight directly.

Evaporation – After completing 1 week, take out the jar and shake it before opening. Take the strainer or the cheesecloth, and use it for drawing the solution from the jar. The cheesecloth or the strainer will filter any kratom powder that might be left in the solution.

After the separation, pour the liquid back into the jar and wait for it to evaporate. Evaporation will continue to occur until the left solution matches the kratom powder used for the process. That means, by using 5 ounces of powder, you can get 5 tinctures of kratom.

Why should you use kratom tincture?

Kratom tinctures deliver amazing results at a lower dosage, and they are convenient to use. The tinctures are being used for different purposes such as muscle relaxants, pain relievers, anti-depressant, and anti-inflammatories. Other than some of its medicinal benefits, here are the things which make kratom tinctures a favorite among many users.

  • They are highly concentrated and required fewer doses for great results
  • They can remain for about a year
  • Convenient to carry anywhere
  • Easy to dose with fewer side effects

Dosage of kratom tinctures:

If your tincture consists of a higher grade kratom, about half a drop would be sufficient to get the desired result. After 20 minutes if you feel the same without any effects, you can consider taking another half of a drop. Remember not to use more than 4 drops. Put the drop in your tongue, wait for some time to get it absorbed, and then swallow.


Because of the high concentration, kratom tinctures can be taken in low doses, which can save you money. But remember not to take it in excess, or more frequently.