kratom and alcohol

What you should know about mixing alcohol with kratom

Mixing kratom and alcohol may not be safe for you

When you are trying a new herbal supplement, it is important to know more about it, and the same thing applies to kratom. In order to ensure your safety, it is essential to educate yourself about its contradiction, or how it interacts with other drugs.

Nobody will want to suffer from an adverse reaction, which could be easily avoided before handed. This guide will help you in getting a clear picture of the consequences of combining kratom and alcohol.

What happens when you mix kratom and alcohol?

As you know that kratom has gained popularity in recent years for its recreational purposes, still some users are wondering whether they can combine it with other things to increase its effects. One of the things that ignited the curiosity amongst them is alcohol.

Mixing kratom and alcohol is a heated discussion, and the subject is trending among various kratom users. The urge to know whether this combination could be beneficial or not is indeed a matter of hot gossip. But no one has given their consent regarding its safety.

Some people who were using kratom with a view to withdrawing alcohol reported that they were using kratom alongside alcohol. And over time, the drinking habit lessened to a certain level. Even for people who are social drinkers, using kratom before sitting on a get-together party, will make them consume less alcohol.

A person who drinks less will be cutting down on calories, save money, prevent chances of premature aging, and diseases linked with alcohol consumption. But utmost care should be taken while mixing both these substances because kratom can be stimulating or sedative and alcohol is a CNS depressant.

It is very dangerous to mix opioid drugs that have high sedative properties and alcohol. As of now, there is no single evidence that kratom strains can cause serious medical issues when used in combination with alcohol. Since kratom is relatively new, there is more research to be done on it.

There is no valid research conducted on using both kratom and alcohol, hence there is no information about the true fact. The only information available is the user’s experience, which can be found in various forums. They provide details on how to combine kratom and alcohol, without doing any harm.

User experiences of mixing kratom and alcohol:

The user reviews on different online forums consist of mixed reactions on combining alcohol and kratom because the effects vary from person to person. Some users hold alcohol responsible, while some others indicate the harmful effects of kratom.

On several forums, different users have declared that the combination of kratom and alcohol is risky and health-damaging. The irony is that there is no recipe to combine these two compounds into an effective and safe proportion. Such inconsistency resulted in different perspectives, with some people endorsing it, and many aren’t.

A low dosage of kratom and alcohol mixture – If you gather the experiences based on different users, you will find that a low dosage of these combinations can provide mild effects, mood-elevating, and stimulation. When you use kratom, the alcohol will provide a profound relaxing effect on you. The alcohol will potentiate the mood-lifting effect of kratom, without causing side effects.

This will cause a deeper, stronger, and more relaxed feeling in a person. As of now, there haven’t been reports of any harmful effects. But remember that this mixture is no good particularly when you are driving, or operating machinery.

Medium dosage of kratom and alcohol mixture – Combining both alcohol and kratom in medium dosage will result in two different kinds of effects. The results would either be awful, or positive. However, there is a possibility of dizziness, vomiting, nausea, lethargy, stomach pain, and so on.

Some kratom strains have great potentiality and work quite like alcohol. Both of them can have discomforting and an unpleasant effect. Furthermore, a kratom user shared his experience after taking a moderate dosage of this combined mixture. The user confirmed not having any acute side effects.

The most common side effect reported by a few users after having a moderate dose of kratom and alcohol is nausea. On rare occasions, lethargy plays a role too. Kratom that has sedating strains such as the red vein kratom, can cause nausea and lethargy.

Higher dosage of kratom and alcohol mixture – When two similar potent ingredients are taken in high dosage, the result will be harmful as usual. If a higher amount of alcohol is taken before or after consuming kratom, a person will experience nausea, headaches, faint, and spinning. These effects are the results of overdosing, which are very uncomfortable.

Even after waking from sleep, that person will have a stronger hangover than the normal one as it used to be. That’s because of the combination of alcohol and kratom. It is almost difficult to find a user who has given positive feedback by taking both the substances at higher doses.

However, many kratom users from all leading forums have discussed the harmful and dangerous effects arising from the combination of these two substances, and hence it is strongly recommended not to use them at high doses.

Dangers arising from mixing kratom and alcohol:

There is not much conclusive evidence resulting from the combination of these substances, but if you check their properties individually, you will find sufficient information regarding all the possible threats.

It is a known fact that alcohol is a tranquilizer, which means it obstructs the functionality of the nervous system. Alcohol blocks the messages or signals that come from the nerve receptors and goes to the brain. The visible effects are reflected in the person’s movements, senses, and perceptions.

Similarly, on the other side, kratom is sedative as well as a stimulant. Therefore, combining a tranquilizer with a stimulant or sedative can be a risky business. Even medium consumption of alcohol in amalgamation with kratom can significantly boost the effects.

The result leads to a much deeper and long-lasting effect. Although the result may seem like a good one, in reality, it can be dangerous. Kratom and alcohol can damage your motor skills and coordination. Those who drank alcohol soon after using kratom strains, find out that it diminishes the effects of kratom. This can lead to headaches and nausea.

A deadly combination of the two substances can lead to a deep kratom-alcohol hangover. In general, almost every kratom user on the forums has suggested about consuming them in lower doses rather than overdosing. This is for ensuring safety while using both the products simultaneously.

Side effects of combining kratom and alcohol:

When kratom and alcohol are combined, there is a likelihood of potential side effects. These include increased stress, disrupted sleep, dizziness, tiredness, dehydration, uncomfortable feeling, weakness in the body, feeling sick, stomach ache, and respiratory challenges.

Not all these side effects will happen in all users, and there will be a difference in severity in them as well. There is no research or findings so far as the side effects, symptoms, and damaging qualities are concerned as a result of the kratom-alcohol combination.

Finding an accurate understanding will be difficult because the combination of the two substances will have adverse effects that will vary from person to person.


It is highly recommended not to mix kratom and alcohol, as this will put your health at a greater risk. If you still want to use them, stick to a combination of the lower dose, as it will prevent you from fatal effects.