kratom nausea

Preventing and Curing Kratom Nausea

The complete guide to kratom nausea

Kratom has gained immense popularity in recent years because of its many health benefits. However, just like other herbal plants, kratom does have some common side effects. One of those side effects is kratom nausea.

If you have experienced kratom nausea, then this article will help you to learn more about this problem and suggest ways on how to prevent it from happening.

What actually is kratom nausea?

Before getting on how to eliminate kratom nausea, let’s understand what it means literally. It is natural that everybody has encountered nausea in their lifetime, and kratom nausea is no different than ordinary nausea.

Kratom nausea occurs soon after you take kratom strains. You feel the need to vomit and clear your stomach. When the vomiting center of your brain gets activated, it results in kratom nausea. The nausea is quite unpleasant because as a result of vomiting, the kratom becomes ineffective.

However, some of the kratom strains are also responsible for causing nausea. They include kratom strains from Bali and Indonesia. If you can’t bear the trouble of vomiting after consuming kratom, it’s recommended to stay away from the strains that come from those places.

What causes kratom nausea?

As you know that kratom has no significant difference than other herbal supplements, and considering the fact that everybody has a different metabolism, kratom may have some adverse effect on every person. A person may get some of the side effects after using kratom, or may not get even a single one. However, below are some of the reasons that may cause kratom nausea.

Kratom is a mild opioid – Kratom is a gentle opioid, which means it is useful and will not harm you. The kratom works by intercepting the brain receptors. In general, opioids can cause nausea amongst kratom users. Hence, kratom strains are more likely to create the same effect as that of an opioid by binding the vomiting receptors of your brain.

Kratom causes stomach sensitivity – Just like any other herbs, kratom strains can affect you in a different way depending upon your body type and genetics. There are many people who have a weak stomach, and sensitive to kratom. Therefore whenever they intake kratom, stomach reactions are bound to happen. Those reactions in the stomach ultimately cause nausea.

The taste of kratom is unpleasant – If you have taken kratom strains on its own without adding extra flavor, you will know how unpleasant it tastes. The taste of good kratom strains is indeed nauseating. And that’s one of the probable reasons why many people feel nausea whenever they intake kratom.

Keep in mind to mix the pure kratom with other substances that will help in neutralizing its taste, and avoid conditions of nausea. If the reason behind your nausea is its taste, consider taking the herb alongside juices or tea. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the reason for nausea because it can prevent you from facing the situation.

How can you prevent kratom nausea?

A small dose of kratom can induce a sense of positivity and leave you energized throughout the day. A little more of it will make you feel relaxed, relieve from pain, and help you in getting a sound sleep. But kratom strains can make you feel nauseous. Nobody will want such a disruptive thing to happen, and unfortunately, if the situation arises, here are some ways that will help you to prevent nausea.

Knowing the exact dosage – If you take too much kratom, it is sure that they will make your stomach ache. Hence, the first rule of kratom intake is sticking to the lowest dose possible and gradually increase from time to time. This way, you can be able to get the desired result without harmful side effects.

To find the right dose for you, take 1 gram of the strain and observe how you feel. If you are not satisfied with the result, use another gram of the strain after 45 minutes. Now observe closely and find out if you are getting the desired result. Once you are sure that it is fine, stop taking the strain further. On the next day, start with what you have left, and repeat the steps.

Another important thing regarding the measure of the dose is to get it precise. Hence, without using your eyes make use of a digital scale, so that you can have the knowledge about the exact dose. Even after you have found your sweet spot, wait for 4 hours before taking another dose to avoid kratom nausea.

Changing the strains or vendors more often will make you adjust your dose frequently, and will lead to kratom nausea. Until you become experienced in this field, it’s better to stick with the same kind of kratom without changing the vendor.

Take antacids before, and light snack after consuming kratom – It is a known fact that the alkaloids get absorbed in the bloodstream better on a vacant stomach. But kratom also induces nausea, and consuming it on empty stomach will amplify its side effects.

It can be helpful if you take antacids 30 minutes prior to ingesting kratom. The antacids will aid in neutralizing stomach acid, let go pent-up gas, and counter stomach upset. Be very careful while using antacids, because they increase the psychoactive effects of the alkaloids.

It’s a general technique that many users of kratom follow. It is suggested to eat a light snack after 30 minutes of using kratom. The food will help to settle your stomach and make the rest of your experience a memorable one.

Make tea instead of using the powder directly – If you are thinking of taking the kratom powder directly, you can feel a bit nauseous rather than taking the kratom with tea. When you are using kratom directly, you are ingesting all the other parts of the herb, such as waxes, fibers, chlorophyll, etc.

These compounds are not responsible for the unique feeling of the kratom, but they can induce stomach pain. Whereas, when you are using it with tea, the unnecessary elements are filtered, and only the potent alkaloids are extracted into the water. Using tea is an effective way to reduce kratom nausea.

Using ginger can help in preventing nausea – Ginger is famous for its ability to heal aching stomachs, and nausea. You can grind up some ginger, and add to the kratom strains whether you are taking them directly, or brewing tea. The flavor will be tad spicy but tastes better than powdered strains.

On occasions when you feel that you might have nausea soon after taking kratom, you might consider chewing on some sliced ginger for instant relief. Crystallized ginger can be derived from its roots and serves better if it is pungent. However, fresh pieces of ginger won’t be much effective against nausea.

Is there any way to treat kratom nausea instantly?

Chewing on some peppermint or ginger will have immediate relief from kratom nausea. Another instant reliever will be antiemetic medicines because they are great against vomiting and nausea. You can also reduce nausea by taking medical marijuana, such as CBD and THC. These are all perfect home remedies that will ease kratom nausea.


Kratom can provoke nausea if you are a new user. However, it can be prevented and cured by following some safety measures, and then you can have a magnified effect of this potential herb.