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Is the kratom seller Herbal RVA legit?

Herbal RVA review

With many kratom vendors operating from different parts of the world, there will be scammers. Sometimes we may find an online kratom seller quite impressive, only to discover that they are not legit. Is Herbal RVA not a legit kratom seller? In this guide, you will get a Herbal RVA review, and find out more about this vendor.

If you are having trouble while sleeping every night, you are not alone, and probably you might be searching for solutions. In this situation, you might consider Herbal RVA for all your solutions. Herbal RVA is a famous vendor who is promoting and retailing good quality kratom.

They also retail and promote other natural herbal remedies. Many kratom users have cited that the vendor provides value for the money, and deliver good quality kratom strains within the given timeframe. This vendor offers safe, convenient, and effective alternatives for enhancing your sleep easier and faster.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to all your restlessness at bedtime so that you can feel energized after a complete rest at night. It is ironic that while chasing success and happiness, many people tend to keep their health and sleep much further than they should be.

It is very essential to take care of the health at different phases of life because success will mean nothing if you cannot enjoy it properly. Hence, is very important to prioritize one’s health with better options available. And, if you are looking for effective ways of getting great sleep, and allowing your body to restore, then this vendor might help you in achieving this goal.

Herbal RVA has a wide range of health solutions that effects naturally and helps in maintaining good health. It is true that Herbal RVA is one of the few kratom vendors in the market that provides high-quality strains at an affordable price. You will know more about their products, pricing, and a few other things further in this guide.

Kratom strains sold by Herbal RVA:

There are many kratom products available at Herbal RVA, such as Green Zarena, Red Zarena, Royal Bentuangie, Ketapang, and so on. In addition, they sell some of the popular kratom products such as White Bali, Green Vietnam, and many more.

The White Bali is known for its purest and most potent strain, which provides smooth sedation feeling alongside a relaxed sensation. The Royal Bentuangie is another excellent strain which has a soothing effect that instantly relieves you from pain, and keeps you calm.

Green Vietnam is yet another premium quality kratom, which provides you with incredible energy boost with additional benefits that will be good for your health. Here are some of the popular strains below, which are sold by Herbal RVA.

Popular kratom strains at Herbal RVA with their prices:

Bali Indah – It weighs around 250 grams, and priced at $69.99 per unit. The strain is produced from crushing the leaves and turning into powder. This strain features both the qualities of the White Indo and the Red Indo strain.

Red Vein Thai – The Red Vein Thai kratom weighs about 250 grams and priced at $69.99 per unit, just like the Bali Indah kratom powder. It is an outstanding variety that possesses upper and moderate spectrum profiles. However, this vendor offers you a discount on a pack of 250 grams, depending on the total number of packs on your cart.

Green Malaysian – It weighs around 25 grams per unit and costs for $11.99. The Green Malaysian kratom is derived from leaves to form a powder. This kratom is pretty much similar to the green kratom of Malaysia. Many users claim that it has a higher potency, and has a long-lasting effect than many other kratom strains available.

Sunrise Bali – Priced at $11.99 per unit of 25 grams, the Sunrise Bali is yet another popular strain available with this vendor. This strain has a balanced feature comprising of red and white strain qualities. The vendor offers some kind of discount on per unit, which depends more on the total items present in your cart.

White Bali – It weighs 250 grams and priced at $69.99 per unit. The kratom powder is obtained from crushed leaves. Kratom enthusiasts know pretty well that the strains sourced from Bali have great uplifting and relaxing properties. The strain is euphoric and stimulating all at once. The discount depends on the total number of units in the cart.

Baik Bali – It weighs about 25 grams and costs around $11.99 per unit. The kratom is obtained from crushed leaves that have a fervid sweet smell, and are crushed into powder form. However, you can avail discounts from this vendor by purchasing many units of the 25 grams packets.

White Vein Borneo – This strain is similar to that of coffee, and you can compare it with some brewed beverages. This strain is known to provide you with concentration, motivation, alertness, and endurance. It is generally packed as a 250 grams package, and by mixing other 250 gram packs in your cart, you can avail some discounts.

Green Vein Maeng Da – This strain comes in units of 25 grams, and costs around $13.29 per unit. The Green Vein Maeng Da strains help you in getting a calm and peaceful experience, without any side effects. This strains also serves as a stimulant which depends on your dosage. Depending on your total units purchased, you can be given a small discount.

Plantation Maeng Da – This kratom strain consists of 70% green vein and 30% white vein. The smell produced by the kratom is pleasing and powerful. The powder is made from crushed leaves. Each unit of this kratom strain weighs about 25 grams and priced at $14.99. As usual, you too can avail of some discounts by purchasing a few packs from this vendor.

Additional products you can buy from Herbal RVA:

This vendor provides other natural herbal products that are exceptionally good for your health. Some of these are discussed below.

Moringa – It has medicinal properties such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal. You can get 100 grams of this strain for $9.

Sarsaparilla Root – This herbal medicine will relieve you from digestive or kidney problems. It costs about $9 for 100 grams of the kratom strains.

Tongkat Ali – This natural supplement helps in improving your sexual performance. It can deal with will diabetes and anxiety as well. The product will cost you about $9 for every 100 grams.

Turmeric – Very useful and nutritional supplement, you can get this for only $5 for every 100 grams.

Ordering and shipping procedures:

The ordering process is very simple. All you need is to go to their website, take a look at the various products available, and add them to your cart. Give a proper address for shipping, and proceed towards the payment. You can get the items in less than a week if the seller ships fast. Some items may reach you a bit late depending on the location, but there is nothing to worry about.

Return policy:

Herbal RVA has a return policy depending on certain conditions. The product you want to return must not be opened, and it should not be more than 30 days from the purchase date. After you return the items, within 3 to 4 days you will have your money back.


The reputation of a company helps in gaining popularity, and the positive reviews of the consumers have made Herbal RVA one of the best kratom vendors in the online market. They have great products, good pricing, and delivers right at your doorsteps.