white sumatra kratom

White Sumatra Kratom: Benefits, side effects & dosage

White Sumatra Kratom: what you should know

White Sumatra Kratom is a new herbal supplement that has been doing the rounds in the market these days. The plant is known to have a wide range of medicinal benefits, which makes it the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a natural solution to get relief from pain and anxiety.

Although, it’s a majestic herb, harnessing the effects of white Sumatra kratom to a full spectrum will need thorough research with experimentation. Just like the other strains, the white Sumatra kratom can be mastered to suit an individual’s particular needs.

Many users of white Sumatra kratom finds the product more interesting because of its ability to produce well-defined results depending on the right dosage. The low dosage will serve as an energy booster, whereas a high dosage will soothe the mind and body.

However, the white Sumatra kratom can be expensive than another kratom available in the market because it has a limited supply, and can be found only on the island of Sumatra.

The emergence of white Sumatra kratom:

White Sumatra kratom is naturally found in Sumatra, which is in Southeast Asia. The island is home to many wild kratom trees, and they grow in this fertile soil abundantly. Popularly known as white vein Indo kratom, the white Sumatra kratom is also a part of the rich and diverse Sumatran culture.

The tropical environment in Southeast Asia is perfect for cultivating this plant, and hence it is very popular in this area. The rich heritage and tradition of the people of Sumatra still continue to reign, and everything is done by hand from harvesting to production. 

Kratom harvesting is an age-old tradition, where framers utilize techniques that were being transferred through generations for ensuring that only the best leaves should be harvested. The Sumatran natives have a history of chewing the leaves for experiencing the relaxing effect of the plant.

Benefits of the White Sumatra kratom:

Although there is an absence of conclusive information regarding the benefits derived from the white kratom, various researches are being conducted to reveal the effects of it. However, various users reported having a diverse effect, which mainly depends on the level and frequency of dosage.

Kratom is quite unique because it can create both stimulating effects and sedative effects depending upon the level of dosage consumed. The right amount of the dosage will only determine what the user might experience. A heavier dose will produce a soothing effect, whereas a lighter dose will energize the user.

That’s an ideal solution for people who seek both the qualities of the product. For instance, a user will work efficiently during the day and relax down at night by taking the appropriate dosage. Here are some of the common benefits derived from taking white Sumatra kratom.

Energy booster – Just like the other strains, the white kratom provides as a powerful energy booster. Such type of energy will boost both your mind and body. The soothing sensations are so distinct that you can feel it. The alkaloids that are present in the compound will help in relaxing your muscles, and all the stiffness in your body will vanish. Moreover, this strain increases stamina and endurance, which increases your performance in sports. It can even boost your libido.

Imaginary boost – The white Sumatra kratom induces a relaxing effect on your brain without harming its functionalities, unlike synthetic drugs. On the contrary, this strain can increase the creative aspect of your mind by enhancing the brainpower. Hence the white Sumatra kratom will work wonders for artists and writers. During exams, this compound can be beneficial for those students who need to stay awake for studies all night. The strain prompts such a feeling of motivation, so that the user may work harder with passion.

A pain reliever – One of the significant benefits of white Sumatra kratom lies in its ability to reduce pain, because of the alkaloids that are present in them. These alkaloids have a distinct relaxing effect on the muscles and produce analgesic effects without harmful side effects. It works similar to that of opioids and induces the same thing in the brain too.

A stress reliever – The white Sumatra kratom has the ability to induce a soothing effect in both body and mind and helps in minimizing stress. With reduced stress, the chances of anxiety and depression are also decreased. Due to the sedating effect of the white Sumatra kratom, it is recommended to use it prior to sleeping at night, or during free days where this effect won’t interrupt the daily activities.

Helps in treating insomnia – When the dose is taken in higher quantity, the kratom will trigger the sedating effect. If the dosage is kept moderate, there will be drowsiness, and a patient with insomnia will lead a better sleep. Once the sleep cycle is regulated by the body, the overall wellbeing of the health gets improved.

Alkaloids found in the white Sumatra kratom:

The notable alkaloid found in the Sumatra kratom is 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This significant compound in the strain helps in improving sleep. It is also responsible for inducing opioid-like properties which helps in relaxing the muscles and reduces the pain.

Another alkaloid found in this strain is mitragynine. This alkaloid has energy-boosting effects that are more powerful compared to the red vein kratom.

White Sumatra kratom and its side effects:

The unpleasant side effects of white Sumatra kratom is pretty much the same as the side effects that come from other kratom strains. The most unpleasing effects of this strain are the feeling of sedation and euphoria. Although it’s a great way to experiment with your sweet spot when you feel euphoric.

But considering the general side effects after consuming the strain is simply unpleasant. When you take too many doses, you will feel irritable, dizzy, nauseous, and you will find it difficult to focus on certain things. This condition is quite similar to consuming a few cups of coffee.

Recommended dosages:

When you start consuming white Sumatra kratom, its effects will be beneficial even when if you take in minimum dose. When taken in higher quantities, you will experience an opposite and different effect, which will be quite relaxing.

It is very important to follow the right dosage when consuming the white Sumatra kratom. Here is the recommended dosage for consumption.

Dosage of 2 to 4 gm – Recommended dosage for beginners, as it is the safest way to start. You will experience light stimulating effects, such as relaxation, euphoric feelings, and energy boost.

Dosage of 4 to 6 gm – As the dose is increased, the intensity also get increased. You will get a soothing effect, and it will act as a soft painkiller. It will reduce your pain and calm your nerves.

Dosage of 6 to 8 gm – When you take this dose, you will feel the sedating effects with numbness. This dose is only for chronic pain.

The dosage from 9 gm and above – This dose is recommended for advanced users who need strong analgesic effects.


It can be concluded that white Sumatra kratom is definitely the ideal strain for your use. There are no side effects that can trigger disastrous health hazards, and it has the ability to relieve your mind and body from pain and discomfort. It induces a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation.