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Red Malay Kratom – Benefits, dosage & user reviews

Red Malay Kratom: everything you should know

Kratom is a tree that is found abundant in Southeast Asian countries, specifically Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. They can also be found in some areas of Africa, New Guinea, and Myanmar. Red Malay Kratom is widely found in some parts of Asia, and Malaysia too. Continue reading this article to get a more detailed view of Red Malay kratom.

About Red Malay kratom:

The tropical wet climate in Malaysia is favorable for the growth of this plant. The numerous health benefits associated with red Malay kratom is responsible for its immense popularity in the last few decades. The medicinal properties present in this herb has even surpassed the prescribed medications.

People feel relaxed soon after taking the herb. Red Malay kratom helps in elevating your mood and keeps you cheerful without worrying about your life. It’s a perfect remedy for instant pain. You can take this herb at night before going to bed.

The effects of Red Malay kratom lasts for a prolonged time, without any significant side effects. This strain is commonly known for its sedating and euphoric effects. After taking this strain, you won’t feel any nauseating effects.

Origin of Red Malay kratom:

The Red Malay kratom has a unique origin and history. Due to the sedating properties of this strain, it makes an ideal choice for anti-anxiety and relaxation. The effects are shaped by the place where it grows naturally, along with other conditions that impact the plant.

The history of this plant lies in the area where the plant grows naturally in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Bali, and Thailand. The leaves of this plant were chewed by workers who used to work in that hot and humid climate. The plant improves their stamina, improves the wellbeing of the self, relieve pain, and increase their productivity.

Soon after a period, its popularity spread like wildfire in other regions, mainly because of the addictive and sedating qualities. The sedating properties were very helpful in treating muscle pain, and tooth pain.

Red Malay kratom and its health benefits:

The leaves considered for red Malay kratom are mostly from the taller part of the trees that receives much sunlight. It is a strong painkiller and a sedative than other strains of kratom. Hence, it is widely used to get relief from anxiety, stress, and pain.

This strain burns in slowly and makes positive effects that last for a long time. They provide you with a stronger sense of relaxation and euphoria. Here are the benefits that will give you a better understanding of this strain.

It helps in relieving pain – Red Malay kratom has proven effects in reducing pain and inhibits the qualities of a natural painkiller. These strains contain high levels of 7- hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine, which have stimulating and sedating effects.

Their combination helps in combating pain. People mainly use this compound to get relief against chronic pain. The plant serves as an advantageous option, because they have less stimulation, and don’t interfere with the body’s natural energy.

It gives a sense of relaxation – It has powerful medicinal properties, which makes it helpful against stress and anxiety. It also helps in promoting overall confidence and happiness. By reduced stress, an individual can increase the overall work performance, and boost one’s spirit. With increased confidence and optimism, you will be able to fulfill the demands of your family better when you reach home.

It helps in fighting stress – Red Malay kratom helps in reducing stress, and elevates the energy levels. This strain provides serenity, peace of mind, and calmness. This kratom has a mild euphoric effect, and it won’t interfere in your ability to react, memorize information, and concentrate.

Many people take the aid of this strain for dealing with social anxiety, as it won’t let you lose yourself. It is not recommended to use kratom regularly even if you are suffering from anxiety, because it may have adverse side effects. More badly, you may develop a sense of tolerance.

It helps people with insomnia – The strains from this plant helps in regulating brain activity, heartbeat rate, and improves the overall health of your body. The sedating effect of the herb will help in relaxing the body muscles. This effect will enable the user to have a great sleep.

Hence, red Malay kratom is perfect for individuals who are suffering from insomnia, and other sleeping disorders. An individual’s sleeping behavior can be affected badly by the failure to maintain their sleeping disorder.

It also helps in treating anxiety – If you desire to have a peaceful and calm day free from anxiety, you may consider using red Malay kratom. This strain can help you in maintaining a perfect balance of your energy. It will produce a slight euphoric effect without interfering with your capability to take on daily tasks. The effects will be natural because it will have a little sedation or stimulation.

Red Malay kratom and its recommended dosage:

It is a known fact that kratom dosage will vary according to the user’s circumstances. But it is always recommended to start with a low dosage, and gradually increase after certain observations. By following this regime, your body will not have to build a tolerance level for the herb, and you will be able to find the exact dose that will suit your needs.

People suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and insomnia will get relieved by taking a dose of 4 to 8 grams of red Malay kratom. This dosage will trigger a feeling of relaxation, and elevating the mood simultaneously.

For an instant relief against chronic pain, a dosage between 8 and 9 grams of red Malay kratom will serve better. The compounds present in this strain directly minimize the pain by binding with the brain’s opiate receptors.

Although red Malay kratom has mild effects, it may not be good to take a high dosage of over 9 grams. Just like other forms of medications, this strain also carries a caution that cites taking the herbal medicine beyond the recommended dosage will lead to unfavorable side effects.

Red Malay Kratom and its side effects:

Different varieties of kratom will have different side effects. All these side effects can be drastically reduced by limiting the dosage to a minimum while starting, and gradually increasing afterward. It’s pretty obvious that a high dosage will lead to certain side effects.

Some of the side effects that came along with a higher dosage of this strain include nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Mixing red Malay kratom with opioids and alcohol will lead you directly to the hospital. So it’s recommended not to mix any type of kratom with these things.

Red Malay Kratom and its user reviews

Most of the red Malay kratom users claim this strain to be the perfect one for anybody seeking relief after a long and tiring day, or to calm emotions. Some users reported that its effect relieves pain within a few hours of intake.

However, a few of the users have reported having a hyper feeling after taking the strain. Many kratom enthusiasts enjoy the aroma without any discomfort or having nausea.


Red Malay Kratom is the perfect strain for people having problems with pain, and want to reduce their dependency on the opioid. It can reduce anxiety, stress, and has the ability to change your mood. The presence of alkaloids makes it a powerful sedative.