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Things you must know about Red Dragon Kratom

Red Dragon Kratom: what you should know

Because of its ability to relieve you from pain, kratom is being widely used by many people. They purchase kratom powders and consumes them in different ways. Different types of kratom strains will affect people differently. In this article you will know more about Red Dragon kratom, and why you must give it a try.

Red Dragon kratom: What is it?

Red Dragon kratom can be compared with Red Thai powder, and users reported that they felt relaxed, happy, calm, and more alert after taking this strain. This kratom is a new product in the market and rapidly becoming popular in the herbal industry.

Red Dragon Kratom is said to have magical benefits against pain, and it gives the user a feeling of relaxation. This strain helps you to have a sound sleep. The key element in this kratom is the alkaloid named mitragynine. That gives the strain its soothing relaxing effect.

There are various reports from users suggesting that kratom tea or powder gave them a robust sense of relaxation. The leaves are green in color when you take them as a powder. Other forms of this strain include capsules, teas, tablets, and paste.

Red Dragon Kratom is gaining popularity because it aids in sleep and reduces anxiety. Various researches are conducted so as to incorporate this strain for treatment against opioid addiction. There is a chance in the near future that this strain will work wonders for drug abusers.

Red Dragon kratom: Its origin

There is no sufficient information available regarding the actual origin of this herb. However, most of the information indicates that the strain has its origin to the Speciosa tree which is found abundantly in Thailand and Malaysia. The high content of alkaloids present in the strain is due to the climatic conditions and soil where people use to grow it.

Benefits of using Red Dragon kratom:

Although there are limited studies conducted on this strain, some studies suggest this strain has mood-enhancing effects with other benefits. Hence it is beyond doubt why the local people have been enjoying various health benefits provided by this strain. Here are the positive benefits derived from consuming Red Dragon kratom.

The strain acts as a stimulant – The stimulating-like effects in both caffeine and Red Dragon kratom are pretty much similar. This kratom strain acts as an energizing supplement or a stimulating agent. Red Dragon helps in boosting the energy levels of people who are engaged in manual work, such as physical laborers and construction workers.

It is a great stress reliever – This kratom strain has opioid properties which acts directly on the brain receptors. The brain activity can be effected significantly along with bodily functions. Red Dragon Kratom is known for its ability to relax your muscles, and induce a sense of relaxation and solace.

It is a powerful sedative – People who have trouble having a good night’s sleep may use the Red Dragon kratom. The strain is helpful in getting a sound sleep by arresting sleep inhibitors. Both your mind and body will enter into a state which is suitable for sleep. Keep in mind not to exceed the recommended dosage for avoiding unpleasant side effects.

It has pain-relieving properties – Red Dragon Kratom is quite effective against any type of pain, whether it is chronic pain or mild bodily discomfort. This strain acts well to sooth pain that arises from nerve pain, muscle pain, arthritic aches, migraines, headaches, and vascular discomforts or pains.

Because of the alkaloid present in them, the strains behave similarly to that of opioids. The alkaloid activates the mu-opioid receptors present in the brain to sooth you from pain, both chronic and mild.

Sharpens your focus – Red Dragon kratom acts against anxiety attacks along with other factors that increase a sense of worries. If the strain is taken in the right dosage, it gives an effect of peace and tranquility. It also helps in increasing the mental acuity and brings in a great intellectual concentration.

This kratom is suitable for groups where there is a mental activity for a prolonged time. Using red dragon kratom on such occasions will show remarkable improvements in concentration, alertness, and mental productivity.

Red Dragon Kratom and its side effects:

The concerns regarding the safety uses of kratom have been widely questioned by many. Although kratom strains have been used for centuries in Asia to gain various health benefits, modern use of this herb has been in dispute. There are many countries that have banned all the uses of kratom within their borders, while some countries have classified kratom as a controlled compound.

Red Dragon Kratom is organic in nature, and it is not prepared in the laboratory. The leaves are derived from the trees and then grounded to powder. However, there are some side effects associated with kratom ingestion.

Some of the serious side effects include addiction, acute constipation, and even death when the strain is taken abnormally in a higher dosage. However, some of the minor side effects such as excessive sweating in cool environments, strong nausea feelings accompanied by vomiting, and stomach pain might arise due to imperfect dosage.

Red Dragon Kratom and its correct dosage:

While taking Red Dragon Kratom, be very careful about its dosages. The doses will vary from one person to another and have different effects on different persons. For example, if anyone is looking for treating pain, then a high dose of the strain is recommended. Whereas anyone desiring to get the stimulating effects might be satisfied with a smaller dose.

Since low or high dosage varies from one person to another, if anyone doesn’t take the right dose, the pain may still persist. Therefore, it is necessary and important to know about the correct dosage. Here is the recommended dosage for different purposes.

For energy boost – If you want to experience a whole day of energy, an ideal choice would be to start with 2 grams of strain. It’s pretty obvious that the dosage might vary from one person to another because of body metabolism. However, 2 grams of the strain is ideal for almost everyone, and the recommended dosage. You can start with 2 grams and then gradually increase the dose for the desired result.

For stress relief – A high dose of red dragon kratom needs to be consumed for immediate relief from stress, and the dose should be around 6 grams. This quantity is often recommended as the initial dosage for stress release, but depending on the level of anxiety and stress the dosage can be increased. Because this strain produces a sedating effect at a higher dosage, you should take it in low quantity for mental alertness alongside stress relief.

For sleeping – The ideal dosage for sleeping disorders ranges between 4 and 5 grams. To get the desired effect, take the strain a few hours before bedtime. It will relax and calm your body organically until you fall asleep.

For pain relief – As said earlier the effects of Red Dragon Kratom begins only after taking high dosage, hence for instant pain relief, it is recommended to take 6 grams and above of the strain. Remember that such a high dose would make you feel drowsy, but you will get relieved from pain.


Red Dragon Kratom is a useful herb that has worked wonders for many users. The benefits are effective with minimal side effects. Taking the right dosage of the strain will ensure health benefits instead of side effects.