kratom potentiators

What Are Kratom Potentiators: The Master guide

Kratom Potentiators: what you should know

Kratom is a time-tested and proven plant-based substance that has wide uses and therefore is referred to as a broad-spectrum opioid-based substance. It basically belongs to the family of caffeinated plants and beverages. It occurs mostly in some southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and a few other countries. Kratom has been used by the natives belonging to these countries for many centuries and its usage goes back to some thousands of years. There are documented studies to prove that farmers, laborers and others who were involved in hard work in the farms had the habit of chewing kratom leaves. It supposedly helped them to remain stronger, with better endurance and improved their ability to perform better in the work that they were doing.

Many also consume it for managing pain and there are many who believe that it could be one of the best solutions for those who suffer from chronic pain conditions caused by arthritis, and other bone and muscle problems. It could also be helpful in offering relief from stress, anxiety and could work wonderfully well as a mild sedative. However, there are many people who have started using kratom potentiators along with kratom. We will talk more about these potentiators. We will understand the way these potentiators work. This will give our readers the right perspective about these performance enhancers or potentiators as they are referred to.

What Exactly is a Kratom Potentiator?

Put in simple words, a kratom potentiator is a substance that may help in enhancing the impact and effect of kratom. It might sound a bit strange and perhaps even unbelievable, but there is truth to it and this is not myth or half-truths as we often get to hear. It is like mixing alcohol with certain other drugs and medicines to enhance that high feeling. This could lead to the impact of kratom being more powerful and the effect could also be strong even when kratom is consumed in lower doses. If you look around and do some research on the internet, you will be able to come across many ways by which kratom can be enhanced as far as strength and potency are concerned.

Do They Actually Work?

The next question that comes to our mind is whether these so-called kratom potentiators actually work on the ground? The answer in general terms could be yes, but again it could vary from person to person and from one color/strain of kratom to another. Hence, you may need to do some research and use certain permutations and combinations until you are able to land yourself in the sweet spot. It will take some time, but it is worth it because of obvious reasons. If you do your research and are able to have a reasonably good idea about the various possible potentiators, you can try them at home and choose the one that your body is comfortable with. Hence, we will try and have a look at some of the most common potentiators that are popular amongst large sections of society.

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice is considered to be the most common and potent way to enhance the strength and effectiveness of kratom. This is because grapefruit juice is acidic and it can help in making the kratom stronger The absorption is also complete and stronger and it happens within a very short period of time. You also get a cocktail that becomes more palatable and tasty. This is because kratom has a unique bitter and powdery taste and grape juice could help in camouflaging the same.


Though not many people may believe it, watercress could be a great potentiator as far as kratom is concerned. it basically is a hydrated form of lettuce and there are some evidence to suggest that it could add quite a bit of zing to the kratom that you have and increase its potency. It has a combination of many strong chemicals and additionally it also has a mild form of watercress.


Turmeric also has known to be one of the most effective kratom potentiators. Many experienced users are of the view and believe that it may give the biggest boost when compared to many other options that are available in the market. Turmeric is also a very powerful antioxidant apart from being a proven anti-inflammatory agent. Hence, when both kratom and turmeric are taken together, it could be a very powerful and potent pain and inflammation-reducing agent.

Chamomile Tea

This is another surprise addition to the list of potential potentiators as far as kratom is concerned. However, going by track record and experience there are reasons. If you can mix a strong dose of chamomile that has been heated to lukewarm condition and then mixed with kratom in the right dosage it could work wonders and could be a great potentiator. However, you have to gulp it down rapidly so that you are able to hit the sweet spot instantly. It also leads to instant gratification and could also linger the impact of kratom much longer when compared to taking it without chamomile tea.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper mixed with kratom could become one of the most stunning kratom potentiators and it has been proven and time-tested. It works in very small quantities of kratom and therefore you could reduce the potential dose of kratom significantly. This would make it safer and more long-lasting. You also would end up spending lesser on kratom because some variants, strains, and colors of kratom end-products are extremely expensive and even unaffordable for many.

Be Aware of The Side Effects

However, you also should be aware of the possible side effects of using such potentiators and should go through it carefully and in a stage-by-stage manner. It would always be better to start off with potentiators such as turmeric.  These are safe and also come with some positive benefits and effects attached to it. There are some who use red chili powder as a potentiator and this could be extremely strong and not many would be able to tolerate it. The side effects could be very dangerous and therefore you must not try such naïve and stupid things.


To conclude, there is no doubt that there are obvious benefits and advantages when you are able to choose the right kratom potentiators. It is all about researching, being able to find the right ingredient and always keeping in mind the safety factor. Once you are able to do it, you really will be able to hit the sweet spot sooner than later.