kratom tea

Tips On How To Make Kratom Tea

Making Kratom Tea

Tea without any doubt is one of the most popular drinks and there are millions of people who feel that the day is incomplete without their cup or cups of refreshing tea. However, in this article, we will be talking about a different kind of tea. Yes, we will talk about kratom tea. Kratom is an extract from a green leafy plant that is cultivated and grown in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and also a few other countries of South Asia. We will look at this alternate way of using kratom rather than chewing the leaves, gulping down tablets or capsules or eating in a powdered form. The good thing is that kratom tea can be made at home provided we are able to find the right answer to the question of how to make kratom tea.  So, without wasting too much time, let us straight away get into the ways and means by which we can make kratom tea in our homes.

Some Ground Rules

There are some ground rules that will help the readers to make high-quality kratom tea. It is important to retain as much alkaloid as possible because it is the main substance that offers the right benefits and positive effects associated with kratom. It would not be advisable to let kratom roll with your water when it is being boiled. You should place kratom in the water when it is simmering. Alternately, you could let the water cool down for around a minute or so. As an additional safeguard, it would be a good idea to add the juice of a whole lemon to the leaf or powder and allow it to soak before it is heated. The acidic quality of lemon juice will help to keep the alkaloid content intact. This is science and there cannot be any two opinions about this.

You also should understand that the longer you boil the kratom powder or leaves, the stronger will be the flavor and effect. You have to bear in mind that kratom is bitter in taste and the bitterness continues to grow stronger if it is submerged in hot boiling water. The kratom tea is good enough for five days when kept in refrigerated condition.

The above two are important points to be kept in mind when you are planning to get the right answer to the question of how to make kratom tea. Let us now look at a few methods of making kratom tea.

Boiling Pot Method

This is suitable for large batches and could be helpful when you have a crowd to entertain or you could prepare the kratom tea and store it in jars to be used later.

Things you need:

  • Large or medium pot.
  • 1 liter of water.
  • Desired strain of kratom powder or leaves.
  • Cheesecloth or mesh strainer.

Method of Doing It

The water should be put in the pot and brought to a gentle boil. The heat should be reduced and then the required amount of kratom leaves has to be put. The water with kratom leaves should be allowed to simmer for around 10 to 20 minutes. Pour the contents after simmering using a strainer and ensure that it goes into a large container. This should be good enough for serving or for storage. If you are using powder, ensure that the plant matter settles down at the bottom. If you are using leaves you could keep the leaves for further use. Depending on the steeping time, you can be sure that the used leaves can stay fresh for around two to three days.

Since kratom is bitter, you can add honey, agave, and maple syrup to make it sweet and more palatable. The amount of sweetener is left to the specific needs and requirements of the end-user. Alternately, you can drink it in a gulp without adding sugar and perhaps plug your nose so that you are not able to smell the pungent aroma of kratom leaves.

Tea Pot Method

This is a sweet and exciting way of finding out the right answer to the question of how to make kratom tea. It is a simple process and it requires very little thinking and therefore the maker can focus on various other things. Though it is simple, you do need some preparatory work.

Things Needed

  • Teapot or some other vessel to boil water.
  • Water enough to fill the boiling vessel.
  • Tea ball, tea bags either opened or empty.
  • Powder or kratom leaf as per your desired strain, color and hue.

How to Prepare It

Ensure that the existing tea bag is emptied or have some empty ones ready for stuffing with kratom leaves or powder. Put the desired quantity of powder or leaf in the bag or even tea ball. If you are using a tea ball, we recommend the use of tea leaves because they are better suited than powder. You also could babysit your kettle. This can be done by placing the tea bags on the teapot directly. However, be sure that you keep an eye on the same to avoid potential damage caused by boiling. Placing them on thermos or mug could be a safer option. Once the kettle whistles, the heat should be turned off. Let the kettle and the water cool at least for a minute. Ensure that water is poured over the tea vehicle and you are done. The steeping time would vary depending on individual taste and the level of patience that you are able to show.

How It Should Be Enjoyed

It would not be a bad idea to add a squeeze of lemon slice in the tea. You also could add a few cubes of sugar or even honey. If you love iced tea, ensure that the sweetener and lemon is added when the water is hot. You could then store the entire brewed tea, overnight in a refrigerator. The next day you could pour the iced tea in cup and enjoy it. You will certainly have many reasons to like it.


The above are just two examples of getting the right answer to the question of how to make kratom tea. If you look around and do some research on the internet, it is quite possible that you come across many other methods of making high-quality kratom tea. It could serve the purposes for which you are drinking them and it could also make your family members, friends, and others quite happy.