kratom drug test

Things You Should Know About Kratom Drug Tests

The Master Guide about Kratom Drug Test

Kratom has become quite popular and is being used increasingly by more numbers of people across the world. It is a natural herbal supplement that is made from the leaves of a rare tree that is mostly found in Southeast Asia and in some countries of South Asia. The substance is supposed to have many benefits and has been used for many centuries now. Though there are not many studies on the subject, users firmly believe that there are some unmistakable benefits associated with the use of different strains. You must know about the various attributes of the major strains so that you are able to choose the right one keeping in mind your exact requirements.

We would like to place on record that kratom is a versatile supplement and has a wide range of uses. There are many benefits and it could range from being a good pain killer to a sedative. It could aid in sleep for those who suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness. It also is considered to be an excellent option for improving strength, endurance, and energy. There are many who use it for tackling common stomach problems and also for better sexual prowess, endurance, and staying power.

Fear of Side Effects

While all the above are fine, we also should be aware of the possible side effects of kratom. We need to understand that it belongs to a class of drugs that help in sedative functioning apart from being useful for increasing euphoric feeling and also for suppressing pain sensations. Hence, it has quite a lot to do with the numbing of the nerves and also slowing down the central nervous function system. Further, it also activates and deactivates certain hormones of the brain that control important functions of the body. Therefore it is important to go through the right kratom drug test. This will ensure the safety of the users and ensure that there are no dangers associated with the wrong use or over-usage of the products. However, not many people are sure whether there are any drug tests that specifically focus on kratom. Let us learn more about it over the next few lines.

Are There Drug Tests for Kratom?

As of now, there are no reliable centers that offer specific drug tests for kratom. There are many other drugs whose presence or otherwise in the body can be found out through a simple test. This is mainly because there still continues to be quite a bit of opaqueness and obscurity as far as kratom is concerned. Not many are also aware of the existence of this substance. Hence, it is quite obvious that they also will not know anything about the side effects.

Further, we also need to bear in mind that kratom is not sold as a drug but as a medicinal herb in this country and also many other countries of the world. This is perhaps because there have not been any severe CNS effects. CNS stands for Central Nervous System. Therefore, the standard kratom drug test solutions that are available in the market today are not capable of detecting the presence of kratom in the blood, urine and other excretory and circulatory systems of the body.

New Trials Are Happening

However, it would be pertinent to mention here that some trials are happening to find out the levels of concentration of kratom in the body. However, this is just a beginning and it will take some time before the tests become reliable and more common. Not many employers or employees are looking at these tests right now with seriousness and trust. There are also quite a few legal issues that need to be sorted out with such tests. This is because there is very little knowledge or information about kratom. Hence, it may take some time before these tests reach a critical mass and are accepted by employees and employers in the workplace. Till such time, it has to be based more on guesswork rather than anything else.

Does It Get Registered on A Drug Test

As mentioned above, most of the tests that are in vogue these days are simply not equipped to detect the presence or absence of kratom. There should be a different and unique approach because the chemicals and alkaloids that makeup kratom are quite different from the various other synthetic drug and other natural products like cannabis. The drug tests that are being used now are capable of finding out the concentration of various substances like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines amongst others. The problem with a kratom drug test is the alkaloids and these have a completely and totally different structure as far as the chemical composition is concerned. We need to understand the kratom is not an opiate and it has some chemicals that are totally different. The effects of kratom are directed at the central nervous system, unlike other drugs where the effects are caused because of the interaction of the opiates with the cell receptors. There is a possibility of inexperienced users believing that kratom is an opiate which it is not actually. Hence, if the presence of the kratom in the body has to be found out, it has to start from the central nervous system.

There is One Test Available

There is however one test that perhaps can reasonably accurate detect the presence of kratom alkaloids in the urine. The specific alkaloid in question is mitragynine. However, such tests are quite rare, complex and not many people would be able to afford it. Not many countries have the technology and wherewithal to ensure that there is a zero-error and fully reliable test for finding out the presence of various alkaloids and other chemical substances that are part of the kratom that is used by the customers. Further, we also need to understand that kratom is legal in many countries though there are some exceptions to the rule. Hence, there is no need for tests in many countries. This also could be the reason as to why not much importance is being given to kratom drug test in many nations.

To sum up, though there is a need for some foolproof and dependable drug test for kratom, these are still early days and it will take some time before it becomes a reality.