kratom high

Kratom High: The Master Guide for Beginners

What Is Kratom High

It is quite possible that you could have come across many people who talk about the abuse of kratom. There are also stories on the internet, print media and also electronic media about a growing phenomenon called kratom high. Is it really true that people can get high when they consume kratom or is it more of an exaggeration than anything else? It would be interesting to find answers for the same. However, before trying to get answers for the same, it would be a good idea to know something more about kratom, its history and the reasons why it is being talked about so much. Kratom is a substance that comes from leaves of the kratom plant and it belongs to the world of coffee. It has been around for thousands of years and there are recorded facts about farm laborers and indigenous people using kratom for thousands of years.

They were mostly from Indonesia where kratom was first cultivated. Sumatra Island is supposed to be the home for kratom but over the decades and centuries, it also has moved to other countries like Thailand and Malaysia. Apart from consuming it raw by way of chewing of the leaves, kratom also is converted into easier methods of ingestion. Today we have people drinking kratom tea that can easily be brewed in the home. It also comes in the form of powder, capsules, concentrated decoctions and much more. Though very little research is there on kratom, it is known to be useful in combating fatigue and also could help in improving energy levels and also increase the productivity of the persons who are using it regularly. It also is used as a natural and effective pain-killers because of its amazing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

What Exactly It Is?

This is basically a botanical substance that comes from the plant known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It is native to places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, and other such places. There are different strains of kratom and they are also available in different colors. The most common hues and colors of kratom are red, green, white and yellow. Each one has its own uniqueness. However, according to experienced persons and experts, the white kratom variety is supposed to be purest and also is supposed to be mild. On the other hand, the red-colored kratom is highly potent, strong and therefore it could have the best possible impact and effect on chronic pain management, sedation, euphoric feeling and also when there is a need to improve endurance, strength, and durability. However, at the same time, we must not lose sight of possible abuse of kratom and this is where people often land themselves in a problem area known as kratom high.

Can It Make People High?

Is it possible to make people high when they use kratom? This is a common question that often comes to the minds of people. The answer is yes, and there are dozens of instances where people have misused or overdosed themselves with kratom leading to a situation where they have suffered a “high” state of mind and body. Hence, it is quite natural that even in countries like Thailand it is a highly controlled substance. It is, in fact, the third most abused drug that belongs to the illegal category. As far as the USA is concerned, kratom is listed as being a drug of concern by the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration. However, in the USA the drug is not controlled and is not considered if somebody poses kratom or even uses it. It is left to the discretion and good sense of the end-users. Therefore, if you wish to make use of the benefits associated with various colors, hues, and strains of kratom, you must learn to be a responsible user of this substance. You must stay away from abusing or overdosing the substances. Such indiscreet use of kratom could lead to unwanted side effects and in many cases, it could be serious, dangerous and potentially fatal.

How Can It Be Misused?

There are many ways by which a person can reach a state called kratom high. There are many who mix kratom with a caffeinated beverage. Many also mix it with cough syrup that has codeine as the composition. This results in a strong drink that has four times the potential strength of the substances when they are consumed separately and individually. It could have the same impact that is associated with alcohol intoxication. It is disguised and sold under the garb of nutritional supplements or dietary supplements. It also is sold in many head shops or tobacco shops. It is available in powdered form or tablet form. Many end-users believe that it could help in improving sexual performance though these are based on claims alone and there are no research studies to support it. In many bars across the country, it is also sold as ketum drink. Hence, there are many potential ways by which kratom can be misused and it could lead to a “high” state for many people.

The Positive Effects of Kratom

If people stick to the recommended dosage, you can expect some positive effects. Kratom could help in sedation, reduce levels of anxiety, bring down pain sensation levels significantly, offer relaxation and also lead to pinpoint pupils.

Effects of Over-usage

There are many different ways in which kratom high could manifest. It could lead to a condition known as psychosis. These are often referred to as kratom-induced psychosis and it could lead to confusion, delusion, hallucinations and much more. These are not mere statements but have been confirmed by various DEA or Drug Enforcement Agency reports. Hence, it is important to exercise care and caution and be sure that you do not start abusing kratom or over-using it.


To conclude, there are obviously a number of positive benefits and effects associated with kratom in it various colors, strains and forms. But you must be a responsible user of the substances and stay away from the risks and dangers associated with overuse, abuse, and other such things. If used in line with specified dosages, it could offer a number of benefits and could be useful in managing chronic pain, stress, tension and other such problems. You must have the required self-control to avoid overusing it failing which you may have to face unwanted consequences at various points in time.