Mission Statement

Precise Cannabis delivers absolute cannabis brand marketing results. We magnify your executive-level thought leadership and exposure, delivering your message precisely where it matters (with connections that count). 

Backed by a winning combination of cannabis advocates, marketing and communications industry veterans with a collective 76 years of experience in cannabis products, journalism, government policy, sales, social media marketing, content marketing and epic storytelling.  


Meet Our Team 


Lewis Fein

Chief Media Strategist

Lewis Fein is a veteran branding and media relations expert, having worked with Edelman Worldwide. Lewis’s command of the issues involving medical cannabis includes policy expertise, brand positioning, marketing, and promotion. He is a protégée of the White House Writers Group, and a frequent writer and speaker about business and leadership.

Lewis is a graduate of Brandeis University and the Emory University School of Law.


Alexis d'Angelo

VP Business Development

As a cannabis industry advocate and influencer, Alexis (The 420 Diva) believes it’s her fiduciary responsibility to make available recourses that aid in cannabis medicine education. She uses critical thinking, influence, and leadership skills to advocate for patient safety and cannabis medicine science.

Alexis holds a bachelor of science in computer science from UNLV College of Engineering. 


Donovan Bailey

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Donovan Bailey has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing spanning a variety of industries. He is a sales management professional with a track record in lead generation, contract management, and customer service. 

Donovan is passionate about exceeding client needs, ensuring and analyzing their performance. He oversees all client management. 


Danielle Sabrina


Danielle connects the world of digital marketing with public relations. Her experience in positioning companies for IPO’s in the media, has played an integral part for many successful brands. Combining old-school public relations with a strong command of modern digital marketing strategies, Danielle is now one of the most sought after people in media. 

Danielle holds a business marketing degree from Southern New Hampshire University. 


Fernando Labastida 

Content Marketing

Fernando Labastida is a content marketing professional with 20 years of high tech sales and marketing experience. He believes providing valuable, utilitarian, and entertaining content, along with active promotion is a proven marketing strategy for the digital age.

Fernando has his BA in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MA in geography from U.C. Davis.


Bree Hanson

Sr. Account Manager

Bree Hanson brings her background of business sales-to-enterprise organizations, to build relationships with cannabis software, consumer products, cultivation and distribution companies. She has expertise in creating compelling brand strategies, media relations, and delivering exceptional client value.

Bree holds a bachelor of science in international studies from Brigham Young University.

The cannabis industry is bold.

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