Seasoned PR, marketing and media professionals dedicated to amplifying your success in the Cannabis Industry. 

Our team shares a combined 225 years of experience with brands including Edelman, Microsoft, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Volkswagen, Audi, Sprint, T-Mobile, Direct TV, Burger King, Ed Hardy, Larabar, Hint Water, and Vallure Vodka. 

With a presence in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, in addition to our network in Oregon and Colorado, we are embedded in the culture and trends at the forefront of the cannabis movement and industry.



Thought Leadership Development

Your voice is important, be heard, be bold. Secure your influence, and enhance your reputation. 

Become a go-to source of intelligence and wisdom for a variety of professionals such as print reporters, magazine editors, radio hosts and TV news producers.  

Public & Media Relations

Grow into a bold, sought after source of cannabis industry intelligence and wisdom. 

Cultivate your influence and reputation with top shelf content placed in respected, mainstream and industry publications. a variety of channels. 

Get the right message, right time landed through a network of respected mediums.

Industry Authority Speaking Placement 

Show up big at the industry events that matter.

We will put you on the stage and in the limelight as an expert in the cannabis industry. Be seen at the right events, and be heard by the right people. 

Content & Social Marketing

Being bold requires high-quality content that shows up in all the right places. 

We will develop and execute an effective content strategy on your behalf. 

Create the kind of content industry followers want to read, and others will cite. Assets developed include blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, interviews, podcasts, video content and other thought leadership essentials.  

We give you a voice, not an echo, when it comes to devising an identity that resonates with readers, registers with viewers and elicits favorable feedback from your ideal audience. 

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Build a bold brand when you create your unique value proposition, and land it effectively with customers you care about.  

Tell amazing stories that engage and excite people about your products and services.   

Ensure solid strategy, planning and execution with oversight from a team who knows where your business should be, and how to get you there. 

Event Creation & Promotion

Awareness, participation, engagement, and packed rooms.  

We ensure that all elements are in place to convey the story of your product. Atmosphere, location, and most importantly, a guest list full of decision-makers and influencers. 

Build Brand Recognition

We transform your cannabis business into a brand,
because there are plenty of the former but few of the latter.  

Cannabis Industry Thoughts & Opinion

Join the movement. Be bold.

Get a complimentary brand evaluation.